Employee Engagement is More Than Simply a Hot Button Topic in 2019

The value of employee engagement has been shown over and over again, suggesting that this idea isn’t just a hot-button topic of the moment. Engaged employees stand out for the extra effort they regularly bring to their jobs. These staff members willingly go above and beyond without even thinking about it as they feel a… Read more »

The Right Way to Help Your Employees Through Company Changes Next Year

Helping your employees through a major business transition is an exercise in extreme empathy. Almost any change you’re leading or supporting is highly disruptive to somebody on an emotional level. The key to helping people is understanding why some folks get emotional about major change. Surprisingly, it’s not the change itself; it’s the loss of… Read more »

Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths in 2019!

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If your leadership style is driven by business, team and employee interests, you’re going to be in a position to succeed, especially if you can produce results. However, even leaders with the best of intentions can have blind spots or fall into bad habits. Below are some common leadership weaknesses that you can turn into… Read more »

The Questions You Must Ask Candidates to Understand Their Value

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Individual interview questions can determine a candidate’s, skills, experience, achievements, processes or ways of thinking, but at the end of the day, an interviewer wants to assess how much value each candidate could bring to the table. The job interview is one of the last opportunities you’ll get to assess an applicant before having to… Read more »

How to Measure the ROI of Employee Engagement

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Generally defined as when a worker has their individual priorities aligned with organizational values, employee engagement is a hot topic among both executives and HR personnel. Engagement can be difficult to measure, but it’s easy to recognize: An engaged employee wears it on their face and shows it in their work. It might seem obvious… Read more »

What Employees Need From Management to Succeed

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According to research, the average employee doesn’t require a lot from management in order to do his or her job effectively. However, the things that employees do need are absolutely essential. Most employees require the same basic things from management: transparency, engagement, recognition and opportunity. This isn’t a lot to ask for and offering all… Read more »

7 Skills to Include on Your Maintenance Mechanic Resume

Maintenance Mechanic Skills

  Maintenance mechanics are responsible for inspecting, fixing and maintaining equipment in a place of business. In recent years, much of the equipment these professionals are responsible for has become more complicated. Today’s maintenance workers must be as comfortable with analog tools as they are with modern electronics and computer systems. Whether you’re just starting… Read more »

Want More Money? Here’s the Right Way to Ask For It

Want More Money?

  If you’re a highly qualified candidate for a job, you might start asking yourself if there is an approach to negotiating for a higher salary without ruining your chances of getting the position. For some people, effective negotiating seems to come naturally. But for the rest of us, it is possible to learn effective… Read more »

Why You Should Give Entry-Level Assembly Workers a Chance

Entry-Level Assembly Workers

  For many managers, hiring entry-level employees can be annoying. However, entry-level workers’ lower average wage and willingness to pick up your methods makes them worth the effort. Entry-level job postings tend to receive a lot more qualified applicants than those for positions that require years of experience, which means sifting through a lot of… Read more »

How Strategic Planning Benefits Leaders at Every Level

When military commanders develop combat strategy, they formulate a plan that can be applied to a fluid, constantly changing situation. The result is a series of options, rather than a sequence of steps that must be taken one after the other. As in military strategy, business strategy must also be developed to handle an unpredictable… Read more »