Classic Job Search Advice that is Always in Style

New Year’s resolutions typically involve new workout routines, new professional goals or new personal habits – but one of the best resolutions you can make is to adopt some old classic approaches to a job search. Below are classic tips to put back into your job search. Paper is your friend Yes, your resume can probably… Read more »

Get a New Job in the New Year!

Now that the Great recession is squarely in the rear view mirror, the job market is very much in favor of the job seeker – meaning 2016 should be a good year for you to find that new job you’ve been looking for. Even though the odds are decidedly in favor of job seekers, that… Read more »

3 Things You Must Have on Your Marine Electrician Resume

Because being an electrician requires various educations, professional training, certifications and experience, an electrician’s resume must be just a little bit different from the standard cookie-cutter generic resume. One part of the marine electrician’s resume that is similar to a general resume is to outline personal professional goals or objectives at the top of the… Read more »

Top Forty Under 40 Honoree – Paul J. Rodriguez

NSC is pleased to announce Paul Rodriguez has been selected as a  Top Forty Under 40 honoree.  This distinguished appointment by Inside Business recognizes exceptional young business people in the Hampton Roads community. Paul founded NSC in 2000, out of his parents’ garage in Newport News, Virginia with $17,000, no college education and very little… Read more »

Commitment to Community

Orphan Helpers is a non-profit organization that is very dear to the heart of NSC. Our company President, Paul Rodriguez volunteered one week in 2013 for the Orphan Helpers Vision Trip to El Salvador. When our very own Jacquelyn Coleman, HR Benefits Coordinator, heard Orphan Helpers would be taking another group to El Salvador in March… Read more »

Are We Doing Enough to Promote Ship Industry Careers?

Headline after headline seems to keep telling the same story: There aren’t enough skilled trade workers to meet the labor demand in our shipyards. Some shipbuilders have resorted to importing skilled workers from Eastern Europe and other countries, and this practice raises the issue of a lack of promotion for shipyard trade in the United… Read more »

Guided by Our Core Values

Our clients expect consistent, dependable and well-timed service from a company that values professionalism and respect. We aim to meet and exceed that expectation by providing quality talent acquisition solutions. In meeting the needs of our clients, NSC relies on five key values. These values include: Safety, Quality, Integrity, Flexibility and Accountability. Safety Safety is… Read more »

Looking for a Team-Building Activity for Your Workers? Ask Them for Input!

A great way to have employees truly engage in a team-building exercise is to ask them for their input and allow them to coordinate the activity. Of course, the ultimate goal is to create a happy work environment and express gratitude for your hard-working and dedicated team. Following a few guidelines will allow you to… Read more »

3 Tips to Deal With Difficult Co-workers

Generally speaking, you can’t pick your co-workers and that means from time to time you are going to have to deal with someone you just don’t get along with. This person may be a bully – or just someone who sees things very differently from you. Taking a smart and measured approach to a difficult… Read more »

Best Responses to the 5 Biggest PPE Excuses

Wearing personal protective equipment is essential to keeping your employees safe and healthy, but because of its appearance or discomfort, some employees may be resistant to wearing it properly. In a survey by Kimberly-Clark Professional, 62 percent of employees said they don’t wear PPE because it’s uncomfortable. Other reasons given for not wearing PPE included the idea… Read more »