Could Connecting with Your Coworkers on Social Media Hurt Your Career?


In the past, keeping your work life and your professional life separate was simple principle that most people followed. The common wisdom was that combining personal and professional lives could affect how you are seen by others at work and your prospects for success with your organization. Now, with social media being all-pervasive, keeping that… Read more »

What to Do When You Think an Employee is on Drugs

What to Do When You Think an Employee is on Drugs

Dealing with suspected drug use by employees is a tricky thing. On the one hand, you don’t want to make accusations you can’t prove, and on the other hand, you might need to step in out of safety concerns for the worker and other employees. Many companies make it a policy not to say anything… Read more »

Interview Tips: When to Keep Your Answers Short

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of believing the longer an interview goes, the better your odds are of getting the job. While sometimes it’s a good idea to give long, drawn-out responses to questions, there are plenty of times when a short response is actually best. Knowing when to be brief in… Read more »

The Right Way to Quit a Bad Job

When you’re working in a bad job, you might spend hours dreaming about how you are going to go out in a blaze of glory and finally tell everyone what you really think of them. However, once you do get that opportunity, it might be best to put your two-week notice in and quietly play… Read more »

How to Make it Through the Holidays and Stay Focused

While the holidays might be a fun and joyous time, it can also be quite nerve-racking. The combined work of buying gifts, going to social events and hosting parties can rapidly become a lot to handle. A poll by the American Psychological Association found 4 out of 5 people expect more stress over the holidays… Read more »

Asking These 4 Interview Questions Will Lead to the Perfect Hire

The right candidate must have the right personality and business know-how, as well as match your company and the job that’s available. The interview is a crucial part of choosing this ideal candidate as it provides you with the chance to learn about your candidates’ traits in a way you can’t through a resume by… Read more »

What to Look For in the Best Structural Welder Candidate

Finding a good structural welder is a hard thing to do, and it may get a lot harder. Experts have predicted a big lack of capable manufacturing workers in the coming years nearly everywhere as the fabrication workforce grows older and retires. This reality makes identifying a talented welder all the more important. Some must-haves… Read more »

Tips for Being Healthy at Your Desk Job

No matter where humans evolved from, we definitely aren’t designed to sit behind a desk for eight hours, and our society is just starting to realize the physical consequences of a full-time desk job. Making matters worse, we often leave a job where we sit all day to come home and sit on the couch… Read more »

Why Work with NSC?

At NSC, we started from humble beginnings, and we understand the challenges that all companies with ambitions face. We have found that our growth and success has stemmed from our core values. Safety, quality, integrity, flexibility and accountability have been our guiding stars and keys to success. In addition to those key values, we also… Read more »

Keep These 2016 OSHA Trends on Your Radar

OSHA is set to operate its last full year under the Obama Administration, and companies need to be mindful of the federal safety agency’s agenda for 2016. OSHA’s agenda is often driven by events in the news, and the recent explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant has OSHA administrators recalibrating their efforts. Furthermore, the new… Read more »