How a Staffing Agency Can Move Your Career Forward

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Whether it’s due to a long stretch of unemployment or a lack of advancement opportunities at your current job, career stagnation is something you want to put an end to as soon as possible. Working with a staffing agency is one effective approach to move forward. According to a survey by the American Staffing Association,… Read more »

Are You Testing Your Welders on These Math Skills?

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  We typically think of math tests as belonging in high school or college, but testing certain math skills of welding professionals is an effective way to see if they are using proper technique when practicing their craft. Because welders must determine accurate measurements of the materials they work with, they must be comfortable with… Read more »

Three Interview Questions You Just Can’t Ask

Three Interview Questions You Just Can't Ask

  Most people involved in their company’s hiring process know you can’t directly ask candidates about their race, age, nationality, disability or gender in a job interview. However, people may not know that seemingly innocuous questions can be roundabout ways to get at that same information. Asking these questions isn’t illegal per se. The issue… Read more »

How to Make Lean Management Easier for Employees to Understand

How to Make Lean Management Easier for Employees to Understand

  When a lean management program is rolled out, the management team encounters several challenges. One day, an employee is going about his or her work as usual, and the next day he or she must address new guidelines, new types of procedures, new responsibilities and possibly a new supervisor. All of which can cause… Read more »

Interview Tips: When to Keep Your Answers Short

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of believing the longer an interview goes, the better your odds are of getting the job. While sometimes it’s a good idea to give long, drawn-out responses to questions, there are plenty of times when a short response is actually best. Knowing when to be brief in… Read more »