New Year, New Job!

For New Year’s resolutions, many people vow to lose weight, spend more time with family or take up a hobby. While NSC Technologies can’t help much with those resolutions, we can help with another common resolution – getting a new job! There’s something about turning the calendar to a new year that make us want… Read more »

Could Connecting with Your Coworkers on Social Media Hurt Your Career?

NSC Technologies

In the past, keeping your work life and your professional life separate was simple principle that most people followed. The common wisdom was that combining personal and professional lives could affect how you are seen by others at work and your prospects for success with your organization. Now, with social media being all-pervasive, keeping that… Read more »

How to Build Your Confidence Before Going Into Your Next Interview

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  When you walk into a job interview, you know you’re up against other candidates, and your chances of success largely hinge on your performance. Given these stakes, it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious before a job interview. Unfortunately, normal nervousness about a job interview can be seen as a lack of confidence in the… Read more »

Your Competition Wants to Steal Your Top Performers

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  Employee retention is fundamental to the long-term success of a company. Holding onto top staff members supports a high level of customer satisfaction, sales, organizational planning and company-wide morale. In today’s tight labor market, employee retention is more important than ever, as companies desperate for talent increasingly look to poach employees from other organizations.… Read more »

Skills-Based vs. Traditional: Which Resume Is for You?

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  Your resume should show you are the ideal person for the job. However, if you’re a recent graduate with no work experience or you’re trying to change careers and want to list your transferable skills over experience in a different industry, you’re going to need a skills-based resume. The conventional reverse-chronological format may be… Read more »

Office Perks and Other Hiring Trends To Expect in 2018

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  When the calendar turns from one year to the next and people ease out of the holiday period, some trends start to fade and other come into focus. You probably know this applies to fashion styles, but it also applies to talent sourcing. In 2018, the economy is expected to continue surging and the… Read more »

How to Survive Your Office Holiday Party Without Ruining Your Reputation

Survive Your Holiday Party

  Everyone knows you’re not supposed to get too drunk at the office holiday party, but there’s more to navigating this annual tradition than just laying off the Manhattans. Holiday work parties are both networking opportunities and situations where you can do some serious damage to your reputation within the company. So without further ado,… Read more »

How to Uncover the True Value of Your Employees to Set them Up for Success

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  Employee reviews are supposed to focus on the progress of staff members toward achieving both company objectives and their goals within the company. However, a progress report shouldn’t be the only reason for these reviews. To truly appreciate the value of your staff members, you also have to understand how their priorities line up… Read more »

How to Make Your Candidates Feel More Comfortable for a Better Experience

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  Most people get nervous before an interview, and there’s a good reason for that: An interview is a performance, like a piano recital or stand-up comedy routine.There’s pressure to perform in a job interview and there’s a small audience just a few feet away, literally judging everything they see and hear, because that is… Read more »

Expanding Our National Workforce Management Solutions: NSC Technologies Acquires Nationwide Temporaries

September 2017 – NSC Technologies is pleased to announce that it has acquired Nationwide Temporaries   September 29, 2017 – White Wolf Capital LLC (“White Wolf”) is pleased to announce that NSC Technologies, LLC (“NSC”) has acquired Nationwide Temporaries, Inc. (“Nationwide”).  White Wolf recapitalized NSC, in partnership with NSC’s management team, in November 2016.  The… Read more »