7 Time Management Tips for the Busiest Managers

Interview Tips

The job of a manager is a busy one. In addition to handling technical duties, they also have to supervise employees. If you’re a manager, you are probably looking for ways to better handle the limited time you have. Consider the following seven tips on how to better manage your time. 1) Prioritize Planning It’s… Read more »

Move over Millennials! It’s Time to Hire Generation Z


Just when you were starting to get your head around how to attract and hire top Millennial talent, it’s time to start thinking about doing the same for Generation Z. While the oldest “Zoomers” are just getting into the workforce, the youngest are still in school but will be working very soon. Born roughly between… Read more »

5 Ways to Hire an Outstanding Office Manager


  Hiring a hardworking, talented individual to run your office is no simple task. Before you even put up a job posting, you need to decide what this person’s specific role will be – a team builder, supervisor or both. Once you have determined the specific role, you need to identify a candidate who is… Read more »

How to Succeed In Your First Quarter at a New Job


  Beginning a new job can be stressful. Getting to know new co-workers, learning new techniques and taking on new duties can cause you to feel mentally and physically drained. Each new job has its distinct challenges, but there are a few things common to most jobs that can help you steer clear of newbie… Read more »

How to Crush Your Initial Interview Call with a Recruiter

How to Crush Your Initial Interview Call with a Recruiter

  While they might look and feel similar, there are big differences between an interview with a hiring manager and an interview with a staffing recruiter. Job seekers interviewing with a hiring manager are trying to get one specific job, while those interviewing with a recruiter might be under consideration for a few different open… Read more »

Four Questions You Need to Ask at the End of Every Interview

Four Questions You Need to Ask at the End of Every Interview

  Every job interview is a two-way street. The person being interviewed ought to be evaluating the company just as much as they’re being considered for the job, as both parties should leave the interview convinced on whether the job would be a fantastic fit or not. Therefore, when the interviewer inevitably asks, “Do you… Read more »

NSC Acquires Superior Resource Group: Expanding Service Lines and Capabilities Nationwide

  NSC is pleased to announce that it has acquired Superior Resource Group. June 30, 2017 – White Wolf Capital LLC (“White Wolf”) is pleased to announce that NSC, LLC (“NSC”) has acquired Superior Resource Group, Inc. (“SRG”).  White Wolf recapitalized NSC, in partnership with NSC’s management team, in November 2016.  The acquisition allows both… Read more »

No Matter What Your Role Is, Think Like an Executive

Just because you’re currently a front-line employee or working an entry-level job, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply some of the techniques that top executives use to fuel their success. Perfecting a few simple executive habits will put you on the proper path to advance your career. Take Charge of Your Career The most successful… Read more »

Tackle These Common Hiring Dilemmas This Year

The new year is a chance to wipe the slate clean, and to many people that means breaking bad habits or resolving long-standing issues. For hiring managers, it means resolving many of the problems that badgered them in 2015. The labor market is very different than it was just three or four years ago, with… Read more »