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Maximize the potential of every individual. NSC develops and delivers specialized skilled trade workers to help your business operate at peak performance.

Discover how the wide-ranging services of NSC’s Workforce Development Program can help you achieve tangible results for your business.

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What is workforce development?

It’s Our Approach to Training Top Talent and Building Prosperity

To source, sustain, and retain the highest-caliber talent possible, NSC’s expansive workforce development services help fulfill businesses needs in a variety of ways:

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Address Workforce Shortages in Skilled Trades and Remote Sites

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Increase Workplace Safety and Mitigate Risks

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Save Time and Money Training New Team Members


Find skilled workers

Access a Robust Nationwide Talent Network

NSC enables you to tap a vast talent pool with the right-fit people to keep your business running at its peak, without interruption.

NSC’s centralized National Sourcing Center seamlessly supports our brick and mortar locations from coast to coast. Access to this additional specialized team of experts allows us to scale and quickly source ideal associates for your projects, as urgent needs arise. This team leverages:

  • Sophisticated technology to access and filter a robust talent network
  • Industry partnerships with leading and niche hiring platforms, college and trade school recruiting platforms, and social media platforms
  • Centralized support for more than 30 offices placing talent within 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Guam
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Worker training

Bridge the skills gap

Skilled Trades Workforce Training Facility

NSC provides free hands-on training in Salinas, Puerto Rico, equipping local talent with skills in welding, steel fabrication, pipefitting, pipe insulation, and other mechanical trades. We then deploy associates to work at U.S. locations where these specialized skillsets are in high demand. We aim to:

  • Address the nationwide shortage in skilled trade workers
  • Develop the next generation of talent
  • Improve the quality of life of people around the nation, while building a stronger America
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Shipboard Simulator

Prepare for anything

Ready to Work

We prepare skilled workers for real-world work through rigorous simulation exercises that strengthen safety, competencies, compliance, and long-term success.

Shipboard Simulator
No amount of theory or classroom training can brace shipboard workers for what they will face on the job. NSC offers a state-of-the-art shipboard simulator that provides:

  • Placement in real-world scenarios in a simulated environment
  • Hands-on experience in a precise replication of a ship’s compartment
  • Adherence to proper hot work and fire watch procedures before entering a maritime job site
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Top-Tier Welding Skills

Turnkey Welding Training and Certifications

Structural and pipe welding skills are in demand and hard to find. With more than 20 years of marine experience, NSC understands the need for these skills. We have built a program to fill that gap, providing training and pre-testing to deliver top tier skilled workers critical to our associates, clients, and the success of their projects.

Structural and Pipe Welding Training and Pre-Testing
NSC offers turnkey welding training and certifications benefitting all stakeholders:

  • NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010-248 guidelines, meeting U.S. Navy specifications
  • In-house welding booths enable customized training to cover all fabrication documents
  • Processes and materials include GTAW for copper and nickel, SMAW for HY-100 and HY-80 steels, and both SMAW and FCAW for mild steel alloys
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Ship in dry dock

Employee & Workplace Safety First

Increase Safety and Minimize Risk

Maintaining a safe working environment is paramount to NSC and our clients. We take proactive measures to screen and train our field associates. We also partner with clients to identify potential workplace hazards to prevent accidents and injuries.

Maritime OSHA 10-Hour Certification
We offer various trade skill safety training and certifications, including OSHA Maritime 10-Hour certifications and structural and pipe welding certifications (ABS, MIL, NAVSEA, as requested).

  • Tailored specifically for workers in the maritime industry
  • Required by the U.S. Navy for repair and maintenance employees working aboard vessels, dry docks, and piers
  • Focused on the identification, avoidance, control, and prevention of hazards
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Partners in Success at Every Turn

“We partner with NSC to secure hard-to-find talent because they share our philosophy that by helping team members grow their skills and develop tools to be successful in their jobs, the more successful we will all be.”

General Manager, Leading Marine Ship Repair Company

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