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Services: Payroll Processing

Simplify Payroll Processing

Simplify and streamline payroll processing by outsourcing it to NSC. We ease the strain, stress, and liability of processing and distributing paychecks, and managing all associated tasks. NSC acts as the employer of record – managing all payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, and worker’s compensation to mitigate risk.

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Why Outsource Payroll?

Invest Time, Money, and Energy in Business Growth

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Reduce Costs

Remove overhead required for time-consuming and manual tasks of enrollment, onboarding, and processing payroll—as well as IRS penalties for late or incorrect filings.

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Gain Efficiencies

NSC uses the latest payroll and HR technology, enabling employee self-service. Simplify and offload the labor-intensive processes of hiring and providing ongoing support— allowing your team to focus on higher-value projects.

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Mitigate Risks

With NSC assuming employer responsibilities—from compliance requirements and workers’ compensation to insurance and tax withholdings—be assured of adherence to all necessary rules and mandates.


NSC Provides Complete Payroll Services for Growth-Minded Businesses:

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Employer of Record

NSC becomes your EOR for named resources. This adds a layer of support for hiring managers and workers. Reduce cost, cut time-to-productivity, and decrease liability.

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We ensure proper classification of each temporary associate and completion of government forms, including annual payroll tax filings. Reduce liability associated with contingent labor.

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Paycheck Distribution

We alleviate administrative burden by managing all aspects of payroll processing and paycheck distribution. Increase efficiency and reduce overhead cost.

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Payment Options

Direct deposit, pay cards, online timekeeping, simple billing, and reliable payroll associates are all available. Offer flexibility and accessibility.

Save Time and Money

Cut Costs and Inefficiencies

Regardless of the number of employees in your organization, attending to payroll demands a great deal of time and attention to detail. Using NSC’s payroll experts to process and distribute paychecks and manage all associated tasks—from calculating labor hours and withholdings to tax filings and reporting—allows you to shift your energy into work that will propel your business forward.

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penalty per misclassified worker and up to 40% of a worker’s FICA. Can you afford this kind mistake?


Customers across the nation trust NSC

Flex and Scale

Increase Flexibility

With NSC at the helm, gain rapid response times and the ability to adjust and accommodate your evolving payroll and administrative needs.

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800 Customers

Customers across the nation trust NSC

Flex and Scale

Increase Flexibility

With NSC at the helm, gain rapid response times and the ability to adjust and accommodate your evolving payroll and administrative needs.

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Save Energy, Fuel Growth Strategy

“As a small business owner, I quickly realized that if we could funnel the same manpower we spent tackling payroll into finding new ways to win business, we would fuel our growth strategy instead of losing precious energy on this daunting administrative task. NSC provided this service for us and we’ve never looked back.”

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Industry Expertise

We Provide Exceptional Service

We bring unparalleled expertise and integrity to every project, delivering payroll processing solutions that save money and reduce risk.

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Marine Construction and Repair

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Light Industrial, Manufacturing, and Warehouse

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Commercial Construction

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Skilled Trades

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Engineering, Professional, and Technical

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