Structural Welder Journeyperson


Structural Welder Opportunity – Tampa, FL

All employees must be able to work 7 days/week – NO EXCEPTIONS.Please be prepared to work 50 – 60/weekly. Please be prepared to work all weekends.

Job Description:

Must be able to weld OPEN ROOT. NO BACKING USED! Must be able to weld open root using smaw and fcaw in the 3g & 4g positions. All candidates must have all of there welding tools in order to take the skills test! (chipping hammer, welding gloves, Hard hat, steel toe boots, stinger/welding whip, adjustable crescent wrench, sleeves & grinder. If the craftsman is missing any of the following they will not be allowed to test.

******* Must be able to pass a 10-panel, mouth swab drug test. (If they are currently prescribed any medication that might result in a positive screening, please ask them to bring the medication with them and/or prepare to call their physician to ask for a verification letter). 

All employees are required to wear a mask in the Shipyard. IT IS MANDATORY.

First shift (7:30am – 4pm)
Second shift (4:30pm – 1am)