Shipfitter Journeyman

A. Basic Purpose and Function:
This skilled manufacturing position is responsible for providing maritime ship fitting skills for repairs to ships and boats in
the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command (MSC), and commercial vessels. They must
be able to complete and execute the assigned work tasks following regulatory specifications assigned to the vessel.
B. Skills & Qualifications:
? Set up, troubleshoot, and utilize welding machines.
? Lay out and measure utilizing both the Imperial (English) and metric system.
? Understand system drawings and blueprints.
? Measure, remove, fit, and reinstall at acceptable gap structural steel and aluminum components.
? Work with hand and power tools.
? Operate and/or assist with overhead cranes to include safe rigging of components to be lifted.
? Understand, interpret, and apply Naval Sea Systems (NAVSEA) MIL?STD?1689) and MIL STD 248D requirements.
? Must be proficient in “washing weld.”
? Work non?standard work hours, as required.
? Work at all height levels (high and low.)
? Work in confined and enclosed spaces.
C. Education and Experience:
? Two (2) plus years of experience with Weld Certificates from technical school preferred.
? A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred, but not required.
? Must be able to pass a MIL STD 248D certification test prior to being considered for hire.
? Working knowledge of the NAVSEA Standard Items.
? Working knowledge of local NAVSEA Standard Items, specifically Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC).
? Measures and removes steel and/or aluminum components. Fabricates and reinstalls these components at the gap
tolerance for the welders.
? Determines proper equipment to be used; inspects, tests, and repairs work pieces accordingly.
? Tack welds metal parts in place for the welders.
? Connects hoses from torch to tanks of oxygen and fuel/shielding gas and turns valves to release mixture.
? Ignites torch and regulates flow of gas and air to obtain desired temperature, size, and color of flame.
? Preheats work pieces preparatory to fitting or bending, using torches or other heating elements.
? Examines work pieces for defects and measures work pieces with straightedge or templates to ensure conformance
with specifications.
? Climbs ladders or works on scaffolding platforms.
? Dismantles metal assemblies or cuts scrap metal, using thermal?cutting equipment such as flame?cutting torch or
plasma?arc equipment.
? Positions and secures parts, using hoist, crane, wire and banding machine, or hand tools.
? Selects, positions, and secures torch, cutting tips, or welding rod, according to type, thickness, area, and desired
temperature of metal.
? Guides and directs flame or electrodes on or across work piece to straighten, bend, melt, or build up metal.
? Must understand and follow Lock Out / Tag Out (LOTO) procedures.
? Must understand and follow Work Authorization (WAF) process.
? Must understand and follow all Hot Work procedures.
? Other duties may be assigned.