Shipfitter 1st Class

Starting Monday, 02/01/2022, Shipfitter candidates are able to start testing. Test time is 7:30. It’s ok to arrive at 7:00, it is NOT ok to arrive at 7:31. We need good, experienced folks who can pre-test, classify at 1st class and come to orientation. . We will be putting 1st class out there initially with a waiting list for 2nd . Or, they can retest in 30 days, to go for the big bucks. We will test 12 folks at the session. Shipfitters are responsible for the use of various tools and equipment in the fabrication, assemble and erection of metal parts for the construction of modular units utilized in the various stages of the building of a marine vessel. Minimum of 3 years of shipfitting experience is required. Basic reading and writing skills along with that of basic math. Capable of operating a grinder and passing a tack welding assessment test. Able to read a tape measure (standard and metric); have experience in the use of a hand torch, hydraulic and ratchet jacks along with chain falls and come-a-longs; familiar with hand tools such as combination squares, framing squares, hand levels and plumb bobs used in the marine and construction environments; capable of utilizing various beveling and burning equipment; have knowledge of basic blue prints; able to fit flat butt with little or no supervision. Knowledge of setting and erecting units; knowledge of the use of Datum Lines, familiar with fit up and alignment tolerances; advanced blue print reading skills; 3 years of marine, shipbuilding or construction experience.