Job title:  Editor
Job location:  Tucson, Arizona
Job Purpose:

Edit assigned work for content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and format, while meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and maintaining client's standards of quality.


  • Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, history, or other discipline OR at least five years experience as an editor or proofreader.
  • A satisfactory score on the client's editing test.


  • Make hard-copy edits, using company templates, matrices, notes, e-mail, and other sources as a guide.
  • Meet deadlines and work within budgets, alerting either the editing project manager or editing department manager if concerns arise.
  • Maintain an organized source of personalized reference material.
  • Consult with writers to ask questions and discuss potential ambiguities in content.
  • Keep in touch with graphics department personnel to ensure that graphics are updated in a timely manner.
  • Assist with production tasks as necessary.
  • Follow client's procedures as outlined in the company handbook, including punctuality, dress code, and telephone duties.
  • Divide time among projects as necessary when priorities change.
  • Attend project-related meetings and take notes for future reference.


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Instinct for organization and ability to recognize patterns.
  • Temperament and skill required to work quickly and efficiently (alone and with others) under deadline pressure.
  • Interest in learning new things.
  • Experience with Microsoft office suite and Microsoft operating system file management, with particular emphasis on Microsoft Word.