Concrete Craftsmen


Have the ability to coordinate an entire project, be a problem solver and possess the ambition to strive for the best possible product. Must have the ability to read plans and understand the process from start to finish. Forman must also have the ability to run trowel machines and finish floors. Candidate must be proficient in running a laser transit, setting grades and layout jobs from start to finish.

Crew Lead
The ability to manage and lead a crew. Have substantial experience in all aspects of the concrete industry. Implement direct orders from a foreman and work hand in hand with crew foreman to complete jobs. Have the ability to work independently when needed.

Laser Screed Operator
Have extensive background in running laser screeds. Must be able to setup set-up pours, operate the laser screed and maintain the equipment. Candidate must be proficient in setting up and operating a transit.

Finisher 3
This position requires substantial experience in operating ride-on power trowels, panning slabs and finishing commercial floors. ACI certified commercial flatwork finishers. Candidate should be knowledgeable and self-sufficient in all aspects of interior and exterior concrete.

Lead Finisher recognition:
The ability to coordinate the finishing crew, be a problem solver and possess the ambition to strive for the best possible product Be familiar with entire finish and placement process. Must have a valid driver’s license

Finisher 2
Candidates must be proficient on walk behind trowel machines and edge machines. This position requires substantial experience in saw cutting, sealing and brooming exterior concrete. Must be knowledgeable on the process of finishing floors. Must be self-sufficient in exterior broomed paving. Candidate must also have experience with setting grades and using a laser transit.

Finisher 1
Entry level finisher with knowledge of forming, placement and finishing. Proficient in hand finishing, brooming, working edges, operating on sliders, forming, saw cutting and sealing. Have the ability to operate bump cutters, check roads and floats. Must also be familiar with steel forms and wood forming.