Chief Facilities Engineer


Job Title:  Chief Facilities Engineer
Job location: Tucson, AZ

General Description:

The Chief Facilities Engineer is a salaried position reporting to the Director of Operations. The Chief Facilities Engineer oversees the company's plant and facilities and the maintenance department. The position requires a strong technical background and good managerial, supervisory, and organizational skills. The Chief Facilities Engineer interacts with people in all levels of the organization, as well as suppliers, contractors, tenants, and representatives from government agencies, therefore excellent communication skills are also required.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manager of Maintenance Department, to include quarterly capability and capacity analysis, personnel, performance, and employee development
  • Manage preventive maintenance program, associated inventory availability and upkeep of all factory equipment
  • Manage corrective maintenance program to include: work order system, data analysis, repair history, trend analysis, metrics and predictive maintenance activities
  • Manage PM and repair parts inventory program for key machinery and associated replenishment activities
  • Lead responsibility for specification, justification, and installation of all infrastructure and maintenance equipment
  • Provide technical support to engineering and production relating to specifications for production equipment, factory layouts, work stations and utility drops
  • Lead responsibility for installation of same
  • Primary technical interface with all facility contractors and utilities
  • Direct risk management activities relating to facility safety and environmental matters.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Supervisory or managerial experience required
  • Minimum five years experience with the following equipment and facilities items, preferably in a manufacturing environment:
  • Hydraulics and related equipment
  • Steam boilers and related systems
  • Factory layout and equipment installation
  • NEMA electrical code
  • Ventilation and exhaust
  • Heating and cooling
  • Air compressors
  • Water treatment
  • Experience in risk management activities relating to safety and environmental matters
  • Proficiency in MS Office software suite and in AutoCAD or SolidWork



Specific Tasks and Focus Areas:

  • Management of Maintenance Department
    • Facility Engineer and Maintenance Supervisor as direct reports
    • Departmental oversight, including setting of departmental goals, objectives, and priorities
    • Oversee training and growth of department employees
  • Lead responsibility for installation and upkeep of all factory equipment
    • Conduct facilities planning in compliance with corporate growth plans
    • Completion of needs analysis, justification, and specification/requirements on infrastructure and maintenance equipment
      • Project management and lead responsibility for installation of same
    • Provide technical support to engineering and production relating to specifications for production equipment, factory layouts, work stations, facility drops
      • Lead responsibility for installation of same
      • Design all types of tables, fixtures, carts, minor electrical and plumbing circuits, equipment, etc.
    • Preventive maintenance program oversight
      • Program planning, implementation and tracking
      • Coordination of TPM activities with production departments
    • Technical and project management interface with all facility contractors, utilities, permitting agencies
      • Construction
      • Plumbing         
      • Heating and cooling     
      • Building Services
      • Electric
      • Gas
      • Water and Sewer
  Maintain calibration database for facilities and infrastructure equipment
  • Risk Management – Environmental
    • Primary interface with EPA and DEQ agencies, including regulatory inspections
      • NESHAP, Air Quality, Hazardous Waste
    • Waste management, characterizations, and minimization
      • Chemical and hazardous waste
  • Storage, handling, disposal, manifesting
      • Storm water compliance
      • Wastewater
      • Refuse
    • Oversee/conduct training on environmental matters
    • Recordkeeping and compliance reporting for environmental matters
      • Maintain  “Environmental Calendar”
  • Risk Management – Safety
    • Oversight of Safety Program
      • Annual Right to Know training and MSDS maintenance
      • Coordinate with Operations on safety in the workplace
      • Lead technical interface for PPE specification and use in the workplace
    • Primary interface with OSHA, Workers' Comp carrier, Fire Department on facility related issues
  • Direct facility and maintenance support for Fairfax
    • Maintain security of facilities and grounds
    • Upkeep and improvement of buildings and grounds