Job title:  Part-time Bookeeper
Job location:  Green Valley, AZ

The Bookkeeper position provides necessary bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and payroll duties, as well as preparation of financial reports.  This position requires strong organizational and time management skills. 
  1. Record all pledges and contributions; issue individual contribution statement at year end and on request during the year.
  2. Hours are flexible with a minimum of three (3) days per week on site in coordination with the Pastor/Head of Staff.
  3. Every Monday morning, prepare weekly deposits from the Sunday offering with information received from the Counting Team.
  4. Coordinate the Counting Team and insure there are volunteers to count the offering each Sunday.
  5. Coordinate all other bank deposits for the Treasurer, which requires appropriate review and signatures.
  6. Track all expenses and prepare and distribute monthly financial reports, including:  balance statement, cash flow, Income Statement and/or Profit and Loss Statement for Session Committee Chairpersons and Pastor/Head of Staff as requested.
  7. Review payment requests for appropriate supervisory approval; record accounts payable; pay vendor invoices in a timely manner.
  8. Monitor office expenses; tally and enter cash receipts.
  9. In coordination with the Administrative Assistant/Receptionist, maintain Petty Cash records.
  10. Reconcile all bank accounts; track and balance all accounts.
  11. Prepare and input payroll into QuickBooks, including church information system; submit appropriate payroll documents to contracted payroll company; distribute payroll and contractor checks.
  12. Prepare congregation reports as directed; assist in presentations as required. 
  13. Prepare reports for appropriate Chairpersons and Finance Committee to facilitate preparation of the annual budget for Session review and approval.
  14. In accordance with IRS regulations, prepare and file Form 1099’s for contractor payments; mail form to contractors.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned.