Don’t Pass Up a Candidate with These Welding Skills

After reviewing blueprints and making preliminary calculations, welders are responsible for fusing metal parts together, often in manufacturing and construction settings. Welders are needed to make everything from trucks to airplanes to large infrastructure.   Although some welders earn a college degree before entering the industry, many simply earn a certification. Typically, aspiring welders take on an apprenticeship… Read more »

6 Tips to Lead Your Team During Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated effects have rattled companies on every level. For leaders, making decisions in uncertain times is difficult, even for experienced executives.    Uncertainty, anxiety, and competing interests make leadership during a crisis particularly hard. Fortunately, there are proven approaches to leading others and mitigating the effects of fear.   Support your organization’s… Read more »

Leading a Team When Morale is Low

At the moment, your staff members are working under abnormal and intense circumstances. With the pressures of work, staying healthy and remote schooling, many people are feeling a lack of boundaries between work and play. This 24/7 stress can easily cause lower morale for your team.  High morale causes employees to be more engaged and feel more… Read more »

Leader Vs. Boss: What’s the Difference?

Have you noticed that there’s a difference between bosses and leaders? We tend to think of the former as people who give who orders and the latter as people who pull others together to achieve greatness.  Using persuasion and influence, a business leader works to achieve company goals. A boss is more of a taskmaster… Read more »

How to Upskill Your Employees to Become Better Leaders

Dealing with the rapid rate of today’s technological development is a struggle for every business. While technology creates opportunities, the rate of change often leads to growing skills gaps, especially in industries where the need for skilled employees is particularly high.  When a business is effectively capable of upskilling, or developing the abilities of its… Read more »

Avoid Candidate Ghosting

In case you haven’t heard, ‘ghosting’ is a term used to describe when someone you know doesn’t respond to phone calls, voice mails or text messages.  The term has its origins in the dating world, but it is increasingly being used to describe similar situations in the job search and recruitment processes. For instance, employers who bring in a candidate for an interview then hire someone else… Read more »

Does Your Company Culture Attract Top Talent?

In today’s very competitive labor market, the capacity to attract and retain top talent is something all businesses want.   A rising number of companies are starting to see that an attractive business culture is the key to achieving this goal. In addition to being a strong marketing tool for the labor market, an attractive culture also feeds… Read more »

The Importance of Using Signage to Prevent Slips & Falls

Slips and falls are two of the most common types of workplace accidents, and a very effective way to mitigate them is proper safety communication.  It is the employer’s responsibility to communicate on-the-job risks and how each one ought to be handled. Because of this, safety signage in a workplace is crucial, as it is one of… Read more »

How Do You Show Your Team Appreciation?

Business leaders with the most talented teams tend to have the greatest success, and building a great team takes more than hiring the best talent. Leaders with the best teams know how to hold on to valuable employees.   Showing appreciation is critical to any employee retention effort. If you treat your team with respect and admiration, they will be extremely loyal to you.… Read more »

Does Your Company Have A Great Referral Program?

An employee referral program leverages our innate desire to share something we like.  When your employees enjoy working for your company, they are more likely to share their experience with people they know and refer them to job openings at your organization. Research shows that employee referrals tend to produce hires that stick with the company longer… Read more »