Prevent Burnout as a Leader with These 5 Tips

If you’ve ever felt burned out at work, you understand what it can be like: getting angry at somebody when you would typically be patient, reacting disproportionately to bad news, or feeling disinterested in work duties you usually enjoy. When leaders are disengaged, they normally feel exhausted and seem emotionally unstable. This can lead to… Read more »

How You Can Help Your Team Set SMART Goals

One proven approach to setting goals is called the SMART system, with SMART being an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. The SMART framework is a structure for establishing goals that are actually doable. It does this by laying out qualities that achievable objectives ought to have. Under the SMART framework, a “specific”… Read more »

Get Your Team Ahead in 2021 with These Remote Work Predictions

In many companies, now-remote employees won’t ever return to the office at the same levels they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Gallup, just 5 percent of the pre-COVID American workforce worked remotely full-time. After the pandemic hit, that percentage rose to 26 percent, Gallup found, with many other survey respondents saying they were… Read more »

How to Be There for Your Employees During COVID-19

COVID-19 has created additional stress in the workplace, resulting in a decrease in morale and disrupted group chemistry, which can all lead to lower performance. Because of this, it’s important to actively support your employees. According to data from a recent Harvard University study, many leaders effectively managed their employees through a few effective strategies.… Read more »

7 Ways to Lead Your Team to Success This Year

The disaster that was 2020 has created an opportunity for leaders to take charge and lead their teams to greater success in 2021. If you’re currently looking for ways to get the ball rolling on your team’s success this year, consider the following tactics. 1) Focus on Leadership Development A good way to lead your… Read more »

21 Achievable Goals for Your Company in 2021

Setting goals is one of the most critical activities your company can do ahead of a new year. When set correctly, goals increase focus and stop your company from growing stagnant.   Below is a set of 21 goals that can have a big impact on your company in the coming year.   1) Cut Unnecessary Costs  … Read more »

Here’s Why Helping Your Team Develop Their Careers Can Benefit Your Company

Even with all the uncertainty right now, company leaders shouldn’t overlook the significance of supporting their employees’ development. If they do, they risk decreasing morale and productivity, as talented employees start to feel unappreciated. In the long run, a business that doesn’t support development will likely see these disgruntled staff members leave for competitors that… Read more »

5 Strategies to Help Your Employees Become Better Leaders

Career development isn’t solely the responsibility of individual employees, but also of the company that employs them.    Good employers make an effort to continuously develop their staff members for more advanced jobs, including those in leadership positions. When a company is dedicated to employee development, it boosts worker engagement and efficiency. It also makes employees’ lives just… Read more »

Don’t Pass Up a Candidate with These Welding Skills

After reviewing blueprints and making preliminary calculations, welders are responsible for fusing metal parts together, often in manufacturing and construction settings. Welders are needed to make everything from trucks to airplanes to large infrastructure.   Although some welders earn a college degree before entering the industry, many simply earn a certification. Typically, aspiring welders take on an apprenticeship… Read more »

6 Tips to Lead Your Team During Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated effects have rattled companies on every level. For leaders, making decisions in uncertain times is difficult, even for experienced executives.    Uncertainty, anxiety, and competing interests make leadership during a crisis particularly hard. Fortunately, there are proven approaches to leading others and mitigating the effects of fear.   Support your organization’s… Read more »