10 Safety Tips for CNC Machinists

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are designed to be very safe equipment, but that doesn’t mean good safety habits should go out the window. If you are a CNC machine operator, consider the following safety tips.  1) Keep Doors Closed  Operators who get cavalier about opening up the machine while it is still running are at risk of a major… Read more »

You Should Be Working with A Recruiter, Here’s Why

If you are trying to make a career move, you’re probably experiencing a significant level of frustration.  You may be experiencing some stress and financial insecurity due to being out of work. Looking for a new job also requires a lot of work, a lot of which may end up feeling pointless. Also, you probably have… Read more »

Social Media Sites to Turn to During Your Job Search

Networking is one of the most productive things you can do during a job search, as it has been proven to be the best way to find high-quality job leads.    Although in-person networking tends to be more effective, social media networking is also an effective career tool. There are several different ways that online networking… Read more »

Why You Should Take the Interview, Even When You Don’t Want the Job

Whether you found a better option or you’re just not into the opportunity anymore, there are legitimate reasons why you shouldn’t pass on a job interview.  A job interview requires an investment and if you’re not interested in the job – it can feel like a waste. That said, you should really try to follow through once you’ve committed to an interview. Yes, you’ll still have to pick… Read more »

Say These Things If You Really Don’t Want to Get The Job

Unfortunately, a job interview can be a minefield of things you shouldn’t say. One wrong word can truly make a bad impression and sink your candidacy.  When preparing for an interview, it’s good to know what words hiring managers tend to see as red flags. Below is a short list of terms you’ll want to avoid – if you truly want to get the job.  “That… Read more »

5 Habits Great Riggers Do Every Day

Normally associated with shipbuilding, riggers use tools and heavy machinery to lift large construction materials into place.  As with any profession, success in rigging is largely based on good habits. Proven routines make riggers more productive and safer workers. With this in mind, consider the following five daily habits of great riggers.  1) Equipment and Material Inspection … Read more »

6 Ways to Move Forward After Losing Your Job

Once upon a time, maybe, losing your job was a devastating blow to your career. But not anymore.   In the aftermath of the Great Recession and now the COVID-19 pandemic, job loss has become a pretty common career occurrence. Being able to move on from a job loss these days has more to do with mental fortitude, a good strategy and taking action than it has to do with… Read more »

10 Safety Tips for Shipbuilders

With heavy machinery and fast-moving vehicles all over the place, a shipyard can be a very hazardous work environment.  Shipbuilders and others who work in a shipyard need to be vigilant and maintain good safety habits. Below are ten safety tips that all shipbuilders should follow.  1) Proper Training is Essential  When shipbuilders are correctly trained on… Read more »

7 Exercises You Can Do During the Day

It might seem obvious how unhealthy it is to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, but research has shown that chronic, prolonged sitting can lead to cardiovascular and other health issues.  If you truly want to be proactive about your fitness, you should think about doing exercises during the workday. Below are seven different exercises… Read more »

Ask These Questions to Learn More About The Company In Your Next Interview

Even after presenting all kinds of information on the job and the company, interviewers still expect candidates to ask a question or two at the end of the interview.   Those who don’t ask questions run the risk of seeming uninterested in the job or not having come prepared. Good job seekers walk in with a minimum of two smart questions, which show a significant level of research and interest in the… Read more »