6 Ways to Move Forward After Losing Your Job

Once upon a time, maybe, losing your job was a devastating blow to your career. But not anymore.   In the aftermath of the Great Recession and now the COVID-19 pandemic, job loss has become a pretty common career occurrence. Being able to move on from a job loss these days has more to do with mental fortitude, a good strategy and taking action than it has to do with… Read more »

10 Safety Tips for Shipbuilders

With heavy machinery and fast-moving vehicles all over the place, a shipyard can be a very hazardous work environment.  Shipbuilders and others who work in a shipyard need to be vigilant and maintain good safety habits. Below are ten safety tips that all shipbuilders should follow.  1) Proper Training is Essential  When shipbuilders are correctly trained on… Read more »

7 Exercises You Can Do During the Day

It might seem obvious how unhealthy it is to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, but research has shown that chronic, prolonged sitting can lead to cardiovascular and other health issues.  If you truly want to be proactive about your fitness, you should think about doing exercises during the workday. Below are seven different exercises… Read more »

Ask These Questions to Learn More About The Company In Your Next Interview

Even after presenting all kinds of information on the job and the company, interviewers still expect candidates to ask a question or two at the end of the interview.   Those who don’t ask questions run the risk of seeming uninterested in the job or not having come prepared. Good job seekers walk in with a minimum of two smart questions, which show a significant level of research and interest in the… Read more »

How to Prepare for Work After COVID-19

Just a few months ago, just a small percentage of people were full-time remote workers, and now – remote work has become the new normal for millions of people. Such is life in the time of COVID-19.  Corporate executives have been reporting that COVID-19 has pushed them into a future they had expected to unfurl gradually over the… Read more »

6 Ways to Prepare for Your Interview  

It’s no secret that the job interview is the most difficult part of the application process. There’s so much riding on the interview performance, you can’t afford not to prepare.    Preparation isn’t just the difference between getting a job offer and not getting one, it’s also the difference between getting an offer you’re interested in… Read more »

Why You Must Be Nice to the Receptionist Before Your Job Interview  

The next time you leave the house for an interview, be nice to everybody – from the receptionist to the company president.   For quite some time now, hiring managers have been enlisting people outside the traditional hiring process to assess folks who come in for an interview. There are even stories of hiring managers going… Read more »

Maneuvering Your Job Search Through COVID-19

Right now times are very uncertain, very stressful and even a bit frightening. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only caused a health crisis but an economic crisis, as well. In a matter of days, millions of people found themselves suddenly out of work. Millions more are weeks or even days away from losing their jobs, and millions more still are left uncertain… Read more »

4 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Job in Shipyard  

These days, it can be difficult to identify a career that will supply continuous, dependable work long into the future. Shipyards have been around for thousands of years and they will be for many years into the future, offering the prospect of continuous work to those in the shipping industry.   The shipping industry is still… Read more »

Want to Become a CNC Machinist?

Widely used across industries, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines shape and finish raw materials to make finished products or parts. CNC machines are rather complicated. They require calibration, maintenance, programming, and a skilled operator to function smoothly. CNC machinists are responsible for the setup and operation of CNC machines. These workers monitor CNC machines during… Read more »