How to Hire Your Next Great Manufacturing Team Lead

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  A Manufacturing Team Lead can be a difficult position to staff. On one hand, you will need a person that is detail-oriented and technically competent. But more importantly, they ought to have good soft skills, such as the ability to resolve conflict, solve problems and build consensus. Too many companies make the mistake of… Read more »

How to Succeed In Your First Quarter at a New Job

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  Beginning a new job can be stressful. Getting to know new co-workers, learning new techniques and taking on new duties can cause you to feel mentally and physically drained. Each new job has its distinct challenges, but there are a few things common to most jobs that can help you steer clear of newbie… Read more »

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Safety Tips

  Driving during the winter can be terrifying, particularly where blizzard and icy conditions seemingly appear out of nowhere. While there are new automated safety technologies being added to vehicle, the man or woman behind the wheel is still the biggest safety factor for any vehicle. Therefore, it’s important for you to adopt a winter… Read more »

Our Top Blog Posts of 2017!

Best of Blog Posts

  It’s December and that means everyone is rolling out their Year in Review material, including us! So, sit back and enjoy some of our best blog posts from 2017. Seven Stupid Reasons Good Employees Get Fired It’s true: Even the most productive, hardest-working employees can get fired. When this happens, it’s usually for a… Read more »

How to Survive Your Office Holiday Party Without Ruining Your Reputation

Survive Your Holiday Party

  Everyone knows you’re not supposed to get too drunk at the office holiday party, but there’s more to navigating this annual tradition than just laying off the Manhattans. Holiday work parties are both networking opportunities and situations where you can do some serious damage to your reputation within the company. So without further ado,… Read more »

Why Employee Retention Will be an Important Recruitment Metric in 2018

Employee Retention as Recruiting Metric

  As human resources grows its strategic presence within today’s companies, key performance indicators (KPIs) are becoming a big factor in determining how HR is actually performing. Hiring, in some ways, is actually simpler to evaluate because it is very similar to sales: You either have positive outcomes or you don’t. One of the biggest… Read more »

Follow These 4 Tips to Clean Up Your Resume and Get a New Job in 2018!

  The New Year is a great time for new beginnings, and perhaps you’re thinking about starting out 2018 with a new job? If so, you might want to start your job search by doing a little resume maintenance. In addition to adding in your most recent job, any abilities you’ve gained and any training… Read more »

How to Uncover the True Value of Your Employees to Set them Up for Success

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  Employee reviews are supposed to focus on the progress of staff members toward achieving both company objectives and their goals within the company. However, a progress report shouldn’t be the only reason for these reviews. To truly appreciate the value of your staff members, you also have to understand how their priorities line up… Read more »

Want to Thank Your Employees? Here’s What They Really Want

Thank Your Employees

  In today’s work environment, expressions of appreciation really are an essential part of the process. Expressions of gratitude can bring people together, fostering a vibrant company culture and higher levels of employee engagement. Many companies take a basic approach to showing appreciation. They might dole out a cash bonus once in a while, or… Read more »

8 Tips to Keep Your Drivers Awake and Alert

8 Tips to Keep Your Drivers Awake and Alert

  Truck drivers work long hours and have irregular sleep schedules. Many are also getting compensated based on the amount of work they do, whether that’s based on the miles traveled, their time on the road or the type of load being delivered. Staying awake and aware for long periods is critical if you want… Read more »