5 Ways to Achieve a “Perfect” Work-Life Balance

At NSC, we understand the challenge of juggling a career and a personal life. Achieving the “perfect” work-life balance may seem like an impossible goal. While it may never be “perfect,” we believe our employees are satisfied with the efforts we take to make a healthy work-life balance possible. Most people probably feel they can… Read more »

10 Everyday Ways to Be Professional on the Job

Be a professional at your job. Sounds easy, but what does it mean? We all agree in a general sense how a professional acts, but being seen as a consummate professional is a matter of perception, and you have to shape that perception by establishing some good habits. Specific habits are often shaped through years… Read more »

Are Invisible Risks Making Your Workers Less Safe?

A broken arm or serious head trauma is usually difficult to hide, but many workers suffer from very serious conditions, like cancer or diabetes, that are more difficult to conceal from supervisors and co-workers. For a variety of reasons, many workers are reluctant to report they are suffering from an unapparent disease or injury like… Read more »

3 Tips to Deal With Difficult Co-workers

Generally speaking, you can’t pick your co-workers and that means from time to time you are going to have to deal with someone you just don’t get along with. This person may be a bully – or just someone who sees things very differently from you. Taking a smart and measured approach to a difficult… Read more »

Know the Major Federal Wage and Hour Division Regulations

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) is in charge of enforcing some of the nation’s most extensive labor laws. The federal agency regularly deals with a number of issues related to these laws, including overtime pay, family and medical leave and various worker protections. Collectively, these laws cover most private, state, and… Read more »

Are You Ready to Be a Manager? Prove it

With turnover at every company being inevitable, occasionally opportunities to advance into a management position will come across your path. The trick is to be prepared for when they do. In order to become a manager, you need to start acting like one and that means taking initiative, being professional and expanding your knowledge. Tidy… Read more »

Workers vs. Supervisors: What Motivates Each Group to Work Safely?

Like many things in the workplace – supervisors and frontline workers have very different motivations when it comes to buying into safety practices. According to a recent survey conducted by the website Safety News Alert, workers are more likely to buy into safety protocols through personal anecdotes they can relate to. Supervisors, on the other hand,… Read more »

Maximize Your Welding Career…and Your Salary!

One part artist, one part engineer – a welder can literally wear many different hats, and welders have high earning potential: Up to six figures in some cases. With more well-paying jobs opening up for tradespeople each year, now is a great time to get started on your welding career. And welding isn’t just for… Read more »

How to Keep Top Talent from Jumping Ship

You may not realize a top employee is unhappy until they put in their two-weeks notice; suddenly you have to scramble to find a replacement or put together a hefty compensation package to keep them around a while longer. Avoid this situation and save some money by connecting with your top employees in a way… Read more »

Best Responses to the 5 Biggest PPE Excuses

Wearing personal protective equipment is essential to keeping your employees safe and healthy, but because of its appearance or discomfort, some employees may be resistant to wearing it properly. In a survey by Kimberly-Clark Professional, 62 percent of employees said they don’t wear PPE because it’s uncomfortable. Other reasons given for not wearing PPE included the idea… Read more »