How to Give a Poor Year-End Review in a Respectful Way

Surveys regularly find employees reporting they do not get enough constructive feedback from their supervisors. It’s this statistic that managers should keep in mind when delivering a poor year-end review: Employees want to do a good job and they want to be told how to do it. Consider your employees’ communication style Each employee has… Read more »

Get a New Job in the New Year!

Now that the Great recession is squarely in the rear view mirror, the job market is very much in favor of the job seeker – meaning 2016 should be a good year for you to find that new job you’ve been looking for. Even though the odds are decidedly in favor of job seekers, that… Read more »

Five Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holidays

It’s hard to stay focused during the holidays. Admit it, you’re zoning out right now, thinking about how late you’re going to stay at the office party or when you’re going to find the time to wrap presents. Well, snap out of it! There’s work to be done and you need to keep your company’s… Read more »

Don’t Let an Annoying Coworker Ruin Your Day With These Tips

We’ve all come across those types of people that are difficult to work with. You know the types. But, how do you deal with a difficult personality and still get your job done. Anecdotally, we know that there will be certain people that are difficult to deal with in the workplace, but the book Toxic… Read more »

NSC Soaring and Roaring

We are pleased to announce that NSC has been selected as a winner of this year’s Roaring 20s program. Inside Business and Cherry Bekaert, LLP honor 20 of Hampton Roads’ most dynamic businesses each year. The Roaring 20 award not only highlights the region’s fastest-growing companies, but also shares stories of determination, perseverance and fortitude.… Read more »

Community Engagement Benefits All of Us

While we may work tirelessly to connect companies with high-quality talent, the employees of NSC never lose sight of the fact that we wouldn’t be able to do our job without the surrounding community. That’s why we make it part of our mission to give back to the Hampton Roads area. In addition to supporting… Read more »

3 Things You Must Have on Your Marine Electrician Resume

Because being an electrician requires various educations, professional training, certifications and experience, an electrician’s resume must be just a little bit different from the standard cookie-cutter generic resume. One part of the marine electrician’s resume that is similar to a general resume is to outline personal professional goals or objectives at the top of the… Read more »

When the Candidate You Like Doesn’t Have the Necessary Experience

As business becomes more volatile and diversified, it is becoming increasingly challenging for companies to find job candidates with the specific experience they are looking for. So how should a company proceed when one or two candidates they like don’t have the relevant experience? Many companies have been finding that a candidate’s soft skills and… Read more »

Announcement of Promotion: Trey McCormick, Regional Manager – South East / Gulf Coast

We are pleased to announce that Trey McCormick has been promoted to Regional Manager of the South East and Gulf Coast for NSC Worldwide. During this past 2 years while serving as the Regional Account Manager, Trey has been managing accounts and developing new business throughout the region. With the leadership and support of his… Read more »

6 Ways to Deal with Job Burnout Other than Quitting

If you’re feeling exhausted or detached at work, you could be in trouble of job burnout. Maybe you’re right where you need to be professionally, but just not feeling motivated lately. Or, your current job is just a stepping stone and ‘paying your dues’ is getting to be a grind. In either situation, you want… Read more »