5 Things Leaders Do Every Morning

When you use your time in the morning wisely, it sets your day on the path to productivity, whether in your personal or professional life.

Business leaders have a lot of responsibility on their plate, and the most successful leaders understand the value of making the most of the morning. If you’re in a leadership position and looking to squeeze a bit more productivity out of your workday, consider the following five things you should be doing.

1) Prioritize

The more effectively you can prioritize your tasks for the day, the more you can focus your time and energy on what matters most. Without distinct, well-ordered priorities, you are more prone to wasting time and focusing on tasks that don’t provide much value.

2) Engage in Two-Way Communication

Strong communication is a fundamental component of effective leadership. Your people will look to you for direction, and if you are constantly being misunderstood, their performance will be negatively affected.

Regularly provide crystal clear information about the latest development and where your business is headed, both in the short-term and the long-term. Good communication not only leads to more productivity, but also more motivation, as employees stay engaged to their strategic goals.

Additionally, active listening is a big part of strong two-way communication. This requires deliberately focusing and paying attention, then following up with thoughtful questions. Active listening and engagement can help you move outside of your own perspective and ensure that you and your team are all on the same page.

3) Take Decisive Action

Effective leadership means avoiding the over-analysis that often comes from a fear of failure.

Decisive action should start with having a strong understanding of the issues at hand. Once you have an understanding of the situation in question, you can take action, knowing that making a mistake can be a learning opportunity.

4) Empower Through Delegation

Delegation is a vital instrument in business leadership for three good reasons. It helps you better manage your workload, develop your staff members and make it possible for your team to achieve shared goals quicker with better results.

Employees are more able to grow as professionals when they take ownership. This leads to holding themselves responsible for results, as they more directly experience the outcomes of their decisions. Good leaders know this and use delegation to bring out success in others.

5) Look for Opportunity and Risk

If your team is focused on keeping things the same as much as possible, they are likely slipping into the trap of becoming complacent. An important part of leadership entails continuously and consistently encouraging new ways of thinking and coming up with a new solution.

Successful managers are always looking for opportunities. They are also on the lookout for risk, as the two are often linked. Focus on learning how to find benefits, weigh costs, calculate probabilities and consider outcomes.

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