Here’s Why Helping Your Team Develop Their Careers Can Benefit Your Company

Even with all the uncertainty right now, company leaders shouldn’t overlook the significance of supporting their employees’ development. If they do, they risk decreasing morale and productivity, as talented employees start to feel unappreciated. In the long run, a business that doesn’t support development will likely see these disgruntled staff members leave for competitors that do support their employees.  

To show your employees that they are being supported right now, you may want to think about the following development strategies.  

Talk About It One-on-One  

If you’re suddenly managing a remote team, frequent communication with your workers has been more important than ever. Your remote interactions should include regular one-on-one talk about career aspirations and expectations. This kind of support helps your staff members feel valued. It can also lead to greater productivity and loyalty.  

Help your employees identify specific milestones for achievement and any resources they will likely need to tap along their journey. Clear, consistent communication about supporting career development will make your workers more engaged in their various roles.  

Support Virtual Learning  

Encourage your staff members to continue learning job-relevant information by attending online classes and workshops. Right now, virtual learning is the only option for many workers, but fortunately, there are numerous cost-effective choices.  

In addition to nurturing the brains of your employees, online training can help your people keep current with the latest industry developments. Lunch-and-learn sessions are a great way to bring your team together virtually to both learn and socialize.   

Try to give your staff members the flexibility to attend virtual events for their fields. Give employees who attend these virtual events the chance to share what they learned with their co-workers.  

Rotate Roles  

Our brain thrives when given a range of different experiences, and job rotation is a great approach to keeping your workers engaged and stimulated. Think about ways you can let your employees take on different tasks that are still related to their job. This type of rotation can help your staff members gain new abilities, better understand your company, and appreciate one another more.  

Job rotation could also be an efficient approach to boosting collaboration across departments and rapport within your team. Best of all, this company will reap the benefits of having a more versatile workforce.  

Emphasize Individual Contributions to the Big Picture  

Reminding workers of the value of their individual contributions adds meaning and inspiration to your employees’ roles. Highlighting individual achievements can also give your employees valuable material for their resume and LinkedIn profile.  

Don’t presume your employees already know the value of their contributions. Use specific data and metrics to offer insights on individual contributions. Also, spotlight your company’s progress toward critical objectives. Acknowledge individual staff members for particular achievements that help drive the business toward major goals.  

We Fully Support Employee Development Efforts  

At NSC, we support all of our clients’ employee engagement and development initiatives. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your development efforts. 


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