How a Contingent Workforce Can Help You Meet Your Warehouse Operations, Human Resources, and Business Goals

For a warehouse to run effectively and efficiently, it’s essential to create the right tools to ensure this is possible. Providing additional skilled labor as a means for your company to operate successfully, is a solution for businesses to meet their overall goals.  Positive impacts include – gaining more support, thus allowing focus on more pertinent tasks, your business meeting peak demands at a faster rate, and increased operational efficiencies.  However, when it comes to seeing and reaping the benefits within your role – whether in warehouse operations, human resources, or finance and procurement, how can you do so successfully?

Warehouse Operations 

trusted staffing provider can act as an extension of your team, by adding temporary employees to the warehouse floor, providing engaging onboarding and training, managing the day-to-day employment activities, and meeting your KPIs. A warehouse lead for example, can utilize a staffing platform to ensure all the standard processes and procedures like – job advertisement, conducting interviews, reviewing resumes and checking references are all completed, which enables your lead to move forward with more pressing mattersAs warehouse operations ebb and flows, a staffing partner can work closely with you to meet the changing demands of the business with short notice. 

Human Resources 

Hiring the right fit for your organization can be difficult. By exploring contingent workforce solutions, your business can utilize contingent labor while evaluating other options for long-term employment. Through a trusted partnership that offers temporary labor solutionsthey can assist candidates through the hiring process, including a custom interview process, employment verifications, skills testing, E-Verify compliance, criminal background checks, drug-screening, client sitespecific training and certifications, and badging and access abilities.  Without the added burden of this workload, human resource professionals can focus on other projects and adequately support their business workforce needs.   

Finance and Procurement 

Flexibility and cost-savings are paramount during economic instability or industry volatility. During an unstable economy, a flexible workforce can help businesses during busy or low volume periods to help combat the ebbs and flows of demand—without the cost of full-time labor. Plus, a contingent workforce provides flexibility to assess employment needs and evaluate workloads in real-time, giving your business the ability to scale according to business fluctuations—saving you time and money on hiring, onboarding, training, and payroll.

Partnering with a workforce solutions provider allows businesses to increase their workforce with little to no interruption while saving time and money by simply adding or reducing labor based on business demands, without the costly training and administrative fees associated with it. 



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