How to Upskill Your Employees to Become Better Leaders

Dealing with the rapid rate of today’s technological development is a struggle for every business. While technology creates opportunities, the rate of change often leads to growing skills gaps, especially in industries where the need for skilled employees is particularly high. 

When a business is effectively capable of upskilling, or developing the abilities of its staff members, it gains a competitive advantage and helps new leaders to bubble up from within the company. 

Developing the abilities of others also helps you to be an effective leader. Compared to recruiting and hiring a new manager or executive, grooming a new leader and promoting them from within is a much, much smaller investment. Also, when you upskill your staff membersit leads to a more well-rounded, more efficient and more creative workforce. 

Make Upskilling Accessible to Everyone  

Needless to say, there may be some employees that hold more leadership promise than others. These employees tend to the most effective and have the highest morale.  

While you’ll want to devote a bit more energy into upskilling top performers, you’ll want to ensure that everybody in your company has the same ability to access upskilling opportunities. You might end up being quite impressed by which employees take advantage of various upskill offerings. 

On-the-Job Upskilling 

An essential approach to upskilling staff members is to offer on-the-job coaching. Generally speaking, on-the-job coaching gives staff members real-time guidance that helps them make better choices and become more efficient in how they do their job. Ideally, it also guides them toward effective leadership practices.   

A good coach can provide critical feedback and highlight areas where each individual can grow stronger. 

Consider Different Learning Styles  

Some staff members may learn the best in a classroom environment, and some may prefer online learning. Most employees will appreciate the opportunity to learn hands-on, but some may especially benefit from this type of learning. Offering something for different styles of learning enables more staff members to participate. 

As much as possible, let employees make their own choices when it comes to upskillingWhen your staff members have the freedom to pick what work’s best for them, they tend to take more ownership over their development.  

Focus on Soft Skills 

Up and coming leaders ought to be mentored specifically on soft skills; how to effectively communicate, adapt, negotiate, make good decisions and take care of interpersonal conflicts. Through this kind of upskilling, staff members may discover areas of personal strength that only add to their effectiveness as employees and future leaders. 

Reward Upskilling Efforts 

While upskilling is essentially its own reward, you should still think about rewarding employees who take the initiative to develop their abilities. Public recognition, raises and promotions for your top go-getters should be an easy call for your organization to make. 

We Can Help Your Company Leaders of Today and Tomorrow 

At NSC, we help our clients with their own leadership development efforts and help them recruit best-fit leaders. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your organization. 




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