Social Media Sites to Turn to During Your Job Search

Networking is one of the most productive things you can do during a job search, as it has been proven to be the best way to find high-quality job leads.   

Although in-person networking tends to be more effective, social media networking is also an effective career tool. There are several different ways that online networking can help your job search. You can interact with hiring personnel, grow a professional network, and learn about job openings. 

Also, simply being active online is a way to raise your visibility among potential employers. According to a survey from, 80 percent of employers use social media to recruit.  

A more advanced approach is to develop a personal brand on social media. This involves a tactical approach to posting content. A well-developed personal brand jumps off the screen at potential employers, making someone even more appealing than they otherwise would be. 

Given all of the potential benefits, it’s good to use the following social media sites to advance your job search. A word of warning: If you are connected to current co-workers and superiors on social media, you should avoid publicly posting about your job search. 


With around 660 million users, LinkedIn is a top location for people trying to find a new job. Unfortunately, many people don’t take full advantage of the site: They don’t optimize their profile, grow their network, join groups, post samples of their work and solicit endorsements. 

Once you’ve built up a solid presence on LinkedIn, the site can be a highly valuable source of job postings. When you search for job openings, the results are strongly related to your qualifications and interests. 

As with other social media sites, LinkedIn is a good way to connect with people you know “in real life.” Former classmates, old colleagues, and even friends can all connect in a professional capacity. 


While employers do post open positions to Facebook, this site is best used to reach out to contacts during a job search. 

Your contacts can tell you about job openings associated with your skills and interests. They can also provide advice and information that could help your search. 


Instagram is best for building a personal brand, showing off your social website skills and gaining insights on various organizations and industries.   

Instagram is also a good way to look inside a business and figure out if you’d be a good cultural fit. 


Free-flowing communication is at the core of Twitter culture and the social website enables direct conversations with others in your field.  

Twitter can be limiting in how you communicate, and because of that, your Twitter presence should be supplemented with a blog or other social profile from which you can link content. 


YouTube isn’t useful for everyone trying to find a new job, but if you’re in media or looking to position yourself as a leader in your field, it can be invaluable. YouTube videos are a compelled way to showcase both your expertise and your persona. 

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