Why You Should Take the Interview, Even When You Don’t Want the Job

Whether you found a better option or you’re just not into the opportunity anymore, there are legitimate reasons why you shouldn’t pass on a job interview. 

A job interview requires an investment and if you’re not interested in the job – it can feel like a waste. That said, you should really try to follow through once you’ve committed to an interview. Yes, you’ll still have to pick out a suit, do a bit of preparation and find time in your schedule. If you’re going to go to an interview, you ought to respect the process and there are very good reasons to follow through once committed. 

It Might Be a Better than You Thought 

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t judge a job based solely on its description. A “boring” corporate job actually be on a great team with smart, funny people. Or, the job at a nonprofit that doesn’t pay much might involve networking with high-profile “A-listers” in your area. It’s quite standard for people to interview for jobs they thought were beneath them and end up accepting an amazing job offer. It’s also common for someone to walk in to interview for one position, only to find out they’re better suited to another, more exciting open position at the same company. 

You Can Always Use the Practice 

Admittedly, most job opportunities aren’t exactly what you thought they were. However, the interview can still be fantastic practice for landing your ideal position. Even if you have developed the best responses to standard interview questions, there’s nothing better than putting your preparation into practice. 

Furthermore, you might walk into an interview situation you didn’t expect. For instance, you suddenly find out that writing tests have become the norm in your field. Or, you might sit down for a group interview that involves multiple candidates all vying for one position. The more interviews you encounter, the more situations you’re subjected to, and the more you’ll be prepared for a high-pressure interview that stands between you and your dream job. 

Useful Information 

You should be thinking about every interview as a chance to learn what potential employers are seeking at the moment. You might hear increasingly popular interview questions that you hadn’t prepare for or the job skills in your field that are currently most in-demand. For instance, if you’re seeking a marketing job and the interviewer keeps asking about tech skills, you might want to concentrate on that area moving forward in your career.  

An interview is a good opportunity to get some insider information on a company. This can be particularly useful if you end up working for another company in the same industry. 

We Can Help You Land Interviews for Great Opportunities 

At NSC, we help job seekers find great opportunities and support folks all the way through the application process. Please contact us today to find out how we can set you up with an interview for an amazing opportunity. 



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