10 Safety Tips for Shipbuilders

With heavy machinery and fast-moving vehicles all over the place, a shipyard can be a very hazardous work environment. 

Shipbuilders and others who work in a shipyard need to be vigilant and maintain good safety habits. Below are ten safety tips that all shipbuilders should follow. 

1) Proper Training is Essential 

When shipbuilders are correctly trained on the equipment they useit makes the entire shipyard a safer place. Those who feel they have received adequate training should demand it. 

2) Safety Measures are a Must 

Shipbuilders should also demand that essential standard safety measures and protocols are in place where they work. Guardrails, non-stick flooring, and other safety measures are cheap but highly effective.    

3) Keep Clean and Organized 

Shipbuilders work in all kinds of spaces, from small enclosed spaces to platforms high above water. Given these extreme working conditions, workspaces need to be kept clean and organized. Tools, paint tins and other materials should be out of the way when not in useAnything that might be a trip hazard should be kept out of the way, if possible. 

4) Teamwork Makes the (Safety) Dream Work 

In any workplace, the safety of employees depends to a large degree on the interpersonal working environment. Employees should always work together for the sake of productivity, but it’s even more essential for safety. Even minor differences in communication can make a big difference when it comes to accident prevention. 

5) Mandatory First Aid Training 

In the event of an accident, employees are typically the first ones on the scene. Therefore, employers must provide basic but essential first aid training from certified trainers. 

6) Personal Protective Equipment 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn by shipyard employees whenever they are on the job. Properly worn PPE can prevent an accident or significantly reduce the severity of an accident. 

7) Good Communication Supports Safety 

An often-overlooked factor in the overall safety of a shipyard is communication. Constantly communicating about various hazards and between management and workers to talk about safety issues helps ensure that hazard awareness is high, and hazards are being addressed. 

8) Lean On Experience 

Experienced employees have years of valuable experience, and everyone in a shipyard ought to pay attention to their input with regards to safety. Leaning on shipbuilders for safe habits can go quite a distance in ensuring the safety of shipyard workers. 

9) Know the Regulations 

Being aware of the regulations set out by the government regarding workplace safety helps shipbuilders maintain safe working conditions. OSHA standards help to support a high degree of safety in working conditions that can be quite dangerous. Shipyard employees who regularly work overtime should be specifically conscious of the minimum number of hours mandated by maritime law. 

10) Cross-Training Helps 

There are many different professionals working together in a shipyard, and each job comes with its own unique safety hazards. Cross-training sessions can raise awareness among workers on the dangers associated with different jobs.   

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