Ask These Questions to Learn More About The Company In Your Next Interview

Eveafter presenting all kinds of information on the job and the companyinterviewers still expect candidates to ask a question or two at the end of the interview.  

Those who don’t ask questions run the risk of seeming uninterested in the job or not having come prepared. Good job seekers walk in with a minimum of two smart questions, which show a significant level of research and interest in the job. Good questions also convey your potential fit for the job and the company. 

To develop good questions, you should take good notes as you research the company. In case you’re having trouble, consider the following questions you could ask.  

How Would You Know if Someone is Successful in this Role? 

This gets directly to the crux of what you have to know about the position: What does it mean to do well, and what will you have to achieve in order for the manager to be pleased with your performance? 

You might think the job description has already explained this, but it’s not unusual for a job description to be a bit outdated or nonspecific. Sometimes, HR personnel post job descriptions that use basic language, while the actual hiring manager has a very specific sense of what success looks like in the job. Also, truth be told, a lot of companies just aren’t very good at painting a picture of what a job actually looks like on a day-to-day basis. 

It’s always helpful to have a conversation on the nuts and bolts of a job. While the job description might list 12 different job duties, success might depend solely on two or three of them. Or, you might discover the posting drastically underplayed the significance of one job duty. There’s also the possibility the hiring manager and HR have very different ideas about what a job entails, which would be a massive red flag. 

What are the Biggest Opportunities and Biggest Pain Points? 

Asking about opportunities signals your desire to excel in the position and it gives you the chance to learn about where the business is focused for the near future. 

Asking about difficulties can allow you to uncover obstacles you’ll have to overcome and perhaps pinpoint areas where your abilities could prove quite useful. 

What are the Next Steps in the Hiring Process? 

This question is a bit of admin on your part as you need to know how to be a helpful participant in the process moving forward. 

Typically, you’ll either be contacted for another interview, for a job offer or to be informed that the company has gone with someone else for the job. Your interviewer should offer a rough timeline for the next step(s). If you don’t hear anything after waiting the established amount of time, you can go ahead and reach out to see what’s going on. 

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