Can Using Social Media Help You Find Better Candidates?  

In 2020, hiring top talent usually requires much more than posting a job online and waiting for the applicants to roll in.  

In order to bring in the most qualified people, you must go to where they are, and these days that’s on social media. For recruitment, you ought to be using social media to identify, appeal to, connect with, and hire both active and passive job seekers. More than ever, hiring personnel are using social platforms as talent repositories. Hiring personnel can also look at prospective candidates’ profiles to get an idea of who they are and what they’re trying to find in an employer.  

Social websites can be used for advertising, either through sponsored posts or through crowdsourcing, which involves employees and others sharing job openings on their personal social profiles.  

Below is a short list of social media recruitment strategies that your company can implement based on its needs and resources.  

Build an Online Employer Brand  

When you develop a strong brand as an employer, you become the company that everybody wants to work for. On social media, don’t just target potential customers. Target potential employees by showing off your company culture and most passionate employees.  

People follow companies on Facebook because they want to connect on a deeper level, so provide them with something that is engaging. Share news stories and post original content that reinforces what’s best about your business.  

Importantly, you should be consistent with your tone and message on social media. Don’t be snarky one minute and heartfelt the next. Use your company’s culture, values, history, and reputation as a guide.  

Engage Employees on Social Media  

The purpose of social media is to lengthen your reach. Build from your employees’ networks by asking them to participate in recruitment on social media. Ask them to share posts on open positions and inspire them to post photos from fun team building events.  

Just make certain you have a corporate social policy that all employees understand. Make sure they know what is expected of them with regard to social content. You don’t want your brand damaged by employees posting pictures from happy hour.  

Get Active on LinkedIn  

Surveys show an overwhelming majority of job seekers and recruiters use LinkedIn. Therefore, it’s important to do more than just optimize your LinkedIn profile. Hiring managers should participate in LinkedIn as much as possible, particularly on LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry.  

There is a great deal of niche communities on LinkedIn that are quite active. Many people are actively attempting to position themselves as experts in their industry. It is your job to connect with these folks.  

Networking is a powerful tool, and in LinkedIn groups, you can readily pick out top talent and major influencers. Getting to know who these folks are will make the job of a recruiter a lot easier.  

We Can Help Your Company Connect to Top Talent  

At NSC, we specialize in connecting our clients to top talent using the latest tools and methods. Please contact us today to find out how we can assist your company. 


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