Add Value to Your Team by Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies provide labor solutions to their clients, and those services can end up adding significant value to both a department and a company.

When the prospect of partnering with a staffing agency first comes up, however, the first issue generally raised is cost. Staffing company fees are typically offset by the numerous benefits a staffing solution can provide.

If your company is thinking about partnering with a staffing agency, consider the following ways a partnership provides value in return.

Lower Hiring and Overhead Costs

The best staffing agencies can quickly identify and contact candidates. Working proactively, staffing experts have a deep understanding of the labor markets for various industries. Experienced personnel also know talented prospects, some of whom may be employed but curious about other opportunities.

Through the use of recruiters’ networks, staffing agencies are capable of saving their clients considerable time and money that would otherwise go into separating best-fit from poor-fit candidates. A client only has to communicate what they are trying to find and the staffing company goes to work.

Staffing companies can also save their clients’ money on overhead costs. The most visible of these savings is the reduction or elimination of overtime pay for full-time staff members. Temporary staff members can be used to address surges in business without a permanent commitment to hiring full-time employees. The use of temporary workers saves a company on payroll taxes, benefits for full-time employees, and other overhead costs.

The result is lower costs and greater capacity to manage workload seasonal rushes and the onset of special projects.

Reduce the Risks (and Costs) of Bad Hires

A staffing solution also means less wasted time, energy and money that goes into dealing with bad hires. Experienced staffing personnel realize that a good resume or even a good interview does not mean a good hire. Based on their experience with countless hiring processes and candidate experiences, staffing experts are uniquely able to meet a client’s needs with a thorough hiring process.

Most staffing agencies offer employment on a temp-to-hire basis. This allows a company to hire people on a temporary basis and assess their performance in the job before potentially offering them full-time employment.

Greater Flexibility

Through the use of temporary staff, companies are better able to handle sudden influxes of work. This allows them to take advantage of business opportunities while avoiding burnout of full-time staff.

During busy seasons and big projects, full-time staff members can become bogged down, stressed out and fatigued. Mistakes are more prone to occur when this happens. Overall productivity can decrease and absenteeism can rise. With a staffing solution, full-time staff members can carry on handling their primary job duties while sustaining a high level of efficiency.

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