5 Great Podcasts for Truck Drivers


Thanks to technology and the internet, the media landscape has been completely atomized: There’s a blog, podcast, vlog, Twitter feed, Instagram profile or whatever else out there for every profession and interest.

For a commercial truck driver behind the wheel, podcasts are a great source of information and entertainment. Podcasts are on-demand audio content; basically, radio talk shows you can listen to when and where you want. Luckily for truck drivers, there has been an explosion of trucker-specific podcasting in the past few years. Many of these podcasts are created by and made for truckers.

Below is a list of five great truck driving podcasts, with hundreds of episodes available through sources like iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

1) Ask the Trucker “LIVE”

One of the longest-running truck driver podcasts, Ask the Trucker “LIVE” has been covering trucking-related topics since 2008. Each episode, host Allen Smith looks at topics like common driver health issues, career development, trucking regulations, the latest trends, and other issues.

One particularly great episode to check out is: “The Effects of ELD Mandate on Trucker Health & Safety.”

2) The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers

With more than 30 years in the industry, host Bruce Outridge brings and informed and upbeat voice to the Lead Pedal podcast, which puts a heavy focus on career development and interviews. New episodes are posted every Tuesday and Thursday. If you’re not behind the wheel at the time, you can also watch the live recording of the podcast via the Lead Pedal YouTube channel.

3) Trucker Dump Podcast

Host Todd McCann takes a look at the lighter side of truck driving with Trucker Dump, a podcast meant for truckers and non-truckers alike.

The podcast includes road stories, product reviews, health advice and stories about family. Trucker Dump comes in handy when you’re stuck in another traffic jam and need a few laughs from someone who’s been there and can relate to your pain.

Two of the more popular episodes are: “Winter Truck Driving Tips from An Alaskan Trucker” and “Coping with Rookie Drivers”.

4) The Trucking Podcast

Co-hosted by a father and son duo, this podcast focuses on helping drivers make more money and remain engaged in the adventure of the open road. Both informative and entertaining, The Trucking Podcast a great resource for learning about the industry.

Two of the best episodes are: “The Best 401K For Owner Operators” and “5 Fantastic Tow Vehicles That Will Turn Heads”.

5) TalkCDL Trucking Podcast

TalkCDL is another popular podcast “by truckers, for truckers.”

The typical episode might cover anything from driver surveys to industry news. Two of the most popular episodes are: “Ruthann – Interview with Women in Trucking” and “Trucking Career is Better than a College Degree”.

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