How to Find a Job You Love

Finding a job that you love isn’t unlike finding a soulmate. You have to be open to finding a new job, maybe even go online or onto an app to find one that fits what you’re looking for. You spend so much time at your job, you need to know that its one you’ll be able to stick with for the long-term. And if you do decide its over, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye.

But luckily for all of us, finding a new job is a lot easier than finding a soulmate with the help of these tips!

1. Keep an Open Mind

In your formative years, you develop a lot of ideas about different career paths and how your own abilities relate to each potential path. Sometimes these impressions are helpful and sometimes these ideas can take you down a wrong path. For instance, just because math and science came easily to you as a child, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily find that you love working in the sciences.

When looking for a job that you love, it’s important to keep as open a mind as possible. Don’t let something that somebody told you when you were 10 years old affect your decision when it comes to building a lifelong career.

2. Consider Feedback from Others

Many times, other people can provide extremely helpful insight into our abilities and what makes us happy. Part of keeping an open mind should include asking other people for input on the type of work that you ought to pursue.

Ask people whose judgment you trust about the things you’re best at, and the things that make you happiest. You may be surprised at what you hear, and you’ll probably learn a lot about yourself.

3. Forget About the Money

There’s a cliched question you are supposed to ask yourself when it comes to figuring out the type of work that you should do: What would you do for a job if you already had a million dollars?

Of course, this question isn’t meant to be taken literally. However, this cliché has had staying power because it is a useful exercise for figuring out what you would do if it didn’t involve maintaining a certain standard of living.

Yes, your job should lead to financial security, but money shouldn’t be your primary motivator. If it is, you’re opening yourself up to working a job you absolutely hate, but one that pays well.

4. Consider Industry and Company Cultures

Think about the people you know and what they do for a living. You might find that certain types of people gravitate to certain industries. For instance, you might find that caring, social individuals can often be found in the health care industry, while highly analytical and more introverted people tend to gravitate towards tech jobs.

Of course, there’s a wide range of personalities in every industry, but the dominant personality type within an industry will inform its overall culture; and the same goes for individual employers. When trying to find a job that you will love, it’s important to look at employer reviews on sites like Glassdoor.

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