Move over Millennials! It’s Time to Hire Generation Z


Just when you were starting to get your head around how to attract and hire top Millennial talent, it’s time to start thinking about doing the same for Generation Z. While the oldest “Zoomers” are just getting into the workforce, the youngest are still in school but will be working very soon.

Born roughly between 1997 and 2012, Generation Z grew up – and is growing up – with iPhones, social media, voice assistants, smart devices, wearables and other newfangled things that older generations are just beginning to figure out. Gen Z has also come of age during the rise of the gig economy and new approaches to learning.

Self-Starter as a Central Tenet

Unlike previous generations, Zoomers are very inclined to see entrepreneurship and gig-based work as a first choice. Gen Z sees these paths as ways to both exert more control over their work and explore potential career paths. A 2018 survey from Upwork found 46 percent of Zoomers in the workforce are in the gig economy, as either a part-time or full-time source of employment.

In light of this preference, employers may want to consider how gig-based employment fits into their overall labor strategy. Employers should also want to look at ways in which they can offer more opportunities for self-starters.

Gen Z as Employees

Despite having a very positive attitude toward the gig economy, many Gen Z employees will still be drawn to conventional full-time employment.

As potential employees, Gen Z is entering the labor market with high levels of education and awareness, and relatively low opinions of the traditional corporate work experience. While Baby Boomers spent their working lives in a traditional corporate hierarchy, Zoomers’ affinity for gig work and entrepreneurship suggests negative attitudes toward a top-down corporate structure and the traditional 9-5 workday.

For now, Zoomers workplace preferences are expected to follow those of Millennials. Work-life balance will still be critical. Gen Z also appears to want collaborative working environments, despite growing up as the most tech-oriented generation to date. Gen Z is also expected to continue Millennials’ preference for frequent feedback, according to survey results.

Companies looking to retain Zoomers should focus on providing workplace training and career development opportunities. These programs and opportunities should speak to this generation’s comfort level with technology and preference for collaboration. This shift will likely mean adapting traditional training conventions practices.

Recent research from LinkedIn has also shown Zoomers prefer bite-sized learning sessions and self-directed learning, instead of the compulsory, extended classroom learning sessions of the past. Zoomers also appear to be more likely to seek out advancement opportunities and non-traditional career possibilities.

When trying to hire Gen Z, a good rule of thumb is to seek their input, particularly when it comes to what your company is offering potential Zoomer employees.

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