Distracted Driving: What NOT to Do on the Road

As if paying attention to the road wasn’t hard enough when you just had a smartphone in your pocket, newer vehicles now have an infotainment center in the console, making the risk of distracted driving even greater.

Research and statistics bear out what should be common sense: Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of the occasional distraction and we need to be reminded of just how dangerous distractions can be. Below is a list of common distractions that you should avoid while you’re on the road.

Eating or Drinking

We may not like to admit it, but many of us are guilty of eating or drinking behind the wheel, often after a trip to the drive-thru window. When we’re in a hurry, there is a strong temptation to eat on the go, particularly when fast food restaurants make it so easy. While it’s possible to eat and drive at the same time, doing so does take your focus off the road and statistics show it is a major cause of accidents.

Putting on Music

Listening to music while driving isn’t much of a distraction but playing music can be particularly distracting you are trying to do something on a music app or switching from the radio stations to a digital music player. If you like to jam out on the road, get in the habit of having your music sorted out before you put the vehicle in drive.


Illegal in many states, texting and driving is a common combination, and a dangerous one. If you are driving and need to send important texts, pull off the road, take care of your business and put the phone away.

Using the Phone

As with texting, talking on the phone can be very distracting, especially when you are flipping through contact or dialing. If your vehicle has a voice recognition or hands-free phone feature, use it for important calls only. Otherwise, you should be making your phone calls off the road.


Let’s face it: it’s hard not to look at a car stalled on the side of the road or accident. But when you slow down to look, you not only hold up traffic behind you, you also take your eyes off the road. Try to resist looking at roadside accidents and avoid joining these unfortunate folks.

Arguing with Other Passengers

There’s no avoiding having passengers in your vehicle, and under most circumstances, passengers aren’t a distraction. They do become a problem when your conversation with them becomes heated. If you’re starting to get into a heated exchange with someone else in the vehicle. Try to hit the pause button and resume your discussion after your trip.

We Fully Support Safe Habits for Professional Drivers

At NSC, we will never pressure drivers to forego safe driving habits for the sake of efficiency. If you’re looking for an employer that puts road safety first, please contact us today.


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