5 Ways to Protect Your Employees from Workplace Injuries

Keeping people safe is more than just the right and legal thing for an employer to do. It’s also a good investment.

Overall morale is affected when employees don’t feel safe. Think about it: Physical safety is one of our most basic needs and when employees feel like they might be doing something dangerous, they’re much more likely to focus on their responsibilities. Conversely, when employees feel like their safety is looked after, they are more prone to feeling inspired and productive.

With this return on investment in mind, consider the following tips on how to protect your employees.

1) Have a Holistic Safety Plan

The cornerstone for a safe workplace is a strong accident prevention and safety program, one that takes a 360-degree view of employee safety and health.

For existing businesses, one key step is researching safety oversights and vulnerabilities. Every company is distinct, and all have different safety concerns. Try to find hazards that are unique to your business or its location.

Sadly, regardless of how much you prepare to avoid an accident, one can still happen. This is why a safety plan should include ways to get injured employees the care they need as soon as possible.

2) Create a Culture of Safety

Constantly cultivate a culture of safety within your staff and management. Regularly train staff members on the significance of embracing safety measures and avoiding accidents through best practices. You can also offer supplemental training on occupational and personal health habits that can lower physical and mental stress.

A strong culture also puts safety ahead of productivity. Don’t let a culture of taking shortcuts flourish. Reinforce safety practices whenever possible, including at staff meetings, in private discussions and through formal training. Reward staff members who adhere to standards or remain injury-free for a long time.

3) Provide Essential Resources

A safe workplace requires all kinds of investments in employee safety. For instance, personal protection equipment (PPE) is necessary by law and discussing it ought to be part of everything from onboarding to regular meetings. Be sure to regularly provide employees with new and updated face protection, safety gloves, head protection, safety shoes and other types of PPE.

4) Be Vigilant

It is essential to regularly check and maintain all company vehicles. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), driving accidents cost companies about $60 billion dollars annually. Vehicle maintenance ought to include monthly check-ups and fixing minor issues without delay.

Prioritize housekeeping, as a messy workplace is a safety hazard. Your workplace ought to have sufficient walking space, be debris-free and have resources spill cleanup.

5) Maintain Safe Staffing Levels

Overworked staff members run the risk of becoming exhausted or feeling pressured to cut corners in order to meet expectations. Hence, hiring supplemental or new staff can help avoid accidents.

Let NSC Be Your Partner in Staffing and Safety

At NSC, we work hand-in-glove with our clients to provide employees with a safe work environment. Please contact us today to find out how we can do the same for your business.



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