What to Include on Your Resume as an Engineer

When seeking a job as an engineer, you need to submit a resume that points out your technical abilities and experience clearly and concisely.

A good-looking resume is essential to any job search. While format and design can vary among engineering industries, there are a handful of resume conventions that shouldn’t be disregarded for any industry.

Consider the suggestions below when looking to put together your next engineering resume.

Be Precise

Precision is extremely important with regards to engineering projects, and the same can be said for an engineering resume. Neglecting to correct basic mistakes on a resume for any profession is bad, but minor errors can be particularly glaring in an industry known for precision.

Because it’s essential to have a resume without spelling or grammatical mistakes, triple-check it and, if possible, have a trusted confidant review it as well before submitting it.

Lead Off with a Summary Section, not an Objective

Somewhere along the way, it became fashionable to start a resume off with an Objective section, which laid out the type of work you are trying to find. But more recently, the objective section is being seen as unnecessary and redundant: If you’re applying to a particular job, that’s the type of job you want. An objective section has fallen so far out of favor, and some hiring managers will consider it a mark against your candidacy.

Instead, start your engineering resume out with a summary section that lays out all your greatest achievements and high-profile accomplishments.

Include Keywords Pulled from the Job Description

When you use keywords and phrases from your field, it shows a potential employer that you know your stuff. One of the best places to find essential keywords is in the job description for the position you’re seeking. Also, when you take language directly from the job description, it shows a hiring manager that you actually read and appreciate something that took time and effort to compose.

Include a Project List

Contingent upon your particular specialty and amount experience, you may have tens of finished engineering projects that ought to be included on your resume. If you’re able to get a few impressive projects on one page or less, that’s ideal from a length point of view. If you need two pages or more just for your projects, it is probably a good idea to have a separate project list you can attach to your resume.

Many engineers organize their list by employer or client. A short, one sentence-description should be enough to give a proper account of what you did. Crucially, be sure to quantify project results.

Don’t Play Games with the Truth

Playing games with the truth may work in politics – ahem – but it’s not something you want to be doing with your resume. In fact, most companies will terminate you on the spot if they hire you and then find out you lied on your resume.

Be honest and trust that potential employers will see you as a potentially valuable employee.

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