Give Thanks To Your Employees This Upcoming Holiday Season

While you should be showing your staff that you appreciate them throughout the year, the holidays are a great time of year to express your gratitude.

Saying thanks to your staff members during the holidays can capture the spirit of the season and generate some goodwill that can carry over into 2020. Consider the following ways you can show appreciation to your staff members this holiday season.

Holiday Lunch

Some smaller operations hold a company-wide “Works-giving” lunch, complete with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, but if that isn’t a possibility at your organization, a holiday potluck can be a great way to let your staff unwind a bit.

If you are going to ask employees to bring in a dish, be sure the company makes a substantial contribution as well.

The Afternoon Off

Everyone knows the holidays can be pretty demanding. In addition to shopping, holiday parties, and kids’ events, many people travel during the holidays so they can spend time with loved ones.

Say thank you to your staff members by letting them take an afternoon off of their choosing, pending approval from their manager. Your employees can use their free afternoon beat the traffic out of town, get to the mall, buy holiday party groceries, or attend their child’s holiday event without rushing around.

A Holiday Party

Throwing a holiday party is a classic move, and sadly it seems to be a bit problematic these days. There are issues when it comes to serving alcohol, but by and large, employees thoroughly enjoy the chance to get together during the holiday season.

If it feels right for your company, book a fun venue and throw a can’t-miss holiday event that your staff looks forward to each year.

Holiday Happy Hour

If a big holiday party isn’t in the budget or just not possible, a small happy hour can be a nice alternative. Whether you hold it on-site or at a local watering hole, take measures to ensure your employees don’t drink too and have arrangements for a safe ride home.

A Holiday Bake-Off

Ask staff members to bring their best homemade holiday dessert to work for the opportunity to win a prize, like a gift card or paid time off. A blind tasting and anonymous voting can keep things (and civil) as fair as possible. Letting your employees nibble on holiday sweets and a little friendly competition can add up to a fun, low-cost event that brings people together.

Alternately, you could hold a holiday cookie exchange. Each employee picks a style of cookie and bakes several dozen of that type. Then, each employee brings in their cookies, and everyone exchanges so that each person walks out with an assortment of holiday treats.

Let Us Be You Talent Acquisition Solution This Holiday Season

At NSC, we understand that the holidays can be hectic. If your organization is feeling a staffing crunch this holiday season, please contact us today to see how we might be of assistance.


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