How Do You Tell If You’re Facing Career Burnout?

Those who are finding it challenging to deal with the daily stresses of the workplace may be experiencing burnout, considered to be a state of exhaustion and irritability.

Burnout is marked by a range of mental and physical symptoms. If ignored or unaddressed, burnout can make it hard to focus on not only their job, but also daily life.

The majority of people spend half of their weekday waking hours working. If you hate what you do for a living, dread going to your job, and don’t get any fulfillment out of what you’re spending each day, it can take a substantial toll on your whole life.

The bottom line is, if you sense you are overly exhausted, you hate your job, and start to feel less capable at it, you are showing indications of burnout.

It’s important to distinguish real burnout from a bad run of days. Consider the following signs you may be burned out.

Loss of Inspiration

One of the main indications of burnout is not having much enthusiasm about your job or career. If the daily duties and projects that used to give you a sense of satisfaction now feel arduous and unsatisfying, it’s a major sign of burnout.

In the worst-case situation, this frame of mind can extend outside the boundaries of your job and adversely affect various facets of your personal life.

Importantly, if you’re finding it difficult to maintain enthusiasm for things you get satisfaction from in any part of your life, you might be progressing from burnout to depression and should think about talking to a mental health professional as soon as possible.

Lower Performance

As you may expect, disinterest in daily duties often results in poorer functionality-since those who are burnt out don’t care enough to do a good job.

This is usually one of the most obvious signs of burnout. If you used to be a top performer, but now you’re missing deadlines and not meeting goals – it should be a major red flag. Don’t sit on your hands and expect your performance to turn around by itself because it probably won’t.

Physical Fatigue and Illness

Low energy and a general feeling of fatigue are common signs of burnout. This doesn’t just mean a lack of energy but also feeling emotionally depleted.

If you find that it’s been increasingly difficult to get out of bed, even on the weekends, you are likely burnt out.

It’s important to note that burnout can manifest itself as several physical symptoms, including insomnia, inability to fight off illness, vertigo, and stomach pain.

A New Job Can Be the Key to Addressing Burnout

People often reach the point where they feel burned out because they’ve stayed too long in a job situation that just isn’t working for them. If you think you might need a change of scenery, please contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance.


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