How to Attract More Candidates to Your Jobs

As the massive Baby Boomer generation passes into retirement and leaves the workforce, the war for talent will only become more intense, and companies will have to increasingly do what they can to attract as many candidates as possible to their open positions.

If your company is looking to attract more candidates to its open positions, consider the following practices to develop a good talent pool.

Fill Your Talent Pool

One proactive approach to sourcing talent is to forge relationships with prospects well before you need them to apply. When an organization has a sizeable pool of prospective candidates, it makes hiring much easier when a position becomes available.

Thankfully, technology and social media have made building a talent pool easier than ever. Ensure that your company is active on the top social networks, especially Facebook and LinkedIn.

Write Targeted Job Descriptions

The way a job description is written has a significant influence on the quantity and quality of applicants that apply.

When writing job descriptions for an open position, consult top performers who currently have the same or a very similar position. Also, consult with the manager who will oversee the position. Ensure your job description not only delineates the important responsibilities and qualifications of the job but also indicates desired soft skills.

Finally, it’s important to use language that reflects your company’s brand and public voice.

Leverage Employee Networks and Referrals

Regularly communicate job openings to all employees so they can have the opportunity to look for potential applicants in their network. Thanks to social networking sites, your staff members are connected to and can communicate with hundreds of people and dozens of possible applicants.

Also, trade shows and industry conferences are great opportunities to meet possible applicants. Encourage your staff members to attend these events, meet people, and get business cards. And, don’t just task staff members with this effort: Tap your own personal and professional networks.

Use Employee Referrals

In some businesses, employee referrals, particularly for hard-to-fill jobs, are rewarded with monetary bonuses. Support your employee referral program by announcing openings at meetings and sharing growth with them on a one-on-one basis with employees.

Maintain Relationships with Former Applicants

Don’t let people submit their resumes, engage in your hiring process, and then never hear from your company again. Doing that is a waste of everything you invested in these applicants.

If it’s been a while since you contacted a former applicant, follow-up with a greeting that expresses gratitude for their interest in your company, and provide updates on current job openings, they may be interested.

Also, make it easy for people to subscribe to your company newsletter, which should also include updates on job openings.

We Can Be a Great Source of Top Candidates for Your Company

At NSC, we work with our clients to ensure they have access to top-quality candidates for their open positions. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your organization meet its talent needs.


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