Telltale Signs You’re Ready to Advance Your Career

Many people want to get ahead in their careers as quickly as possible, but often getting ahead is all about timing.

It takes a while to climb the career ladder for a reason: You need to spend time at each stage gaining experience. There should come a point at each stage, however, where you’ve learned all the essential lessons and you’re ready to move on. Below are a few signs you have reached that point where it’s time for a promotion or a new job in your field with more responsibility (and more pay).

You Could Handle Your Boss’s Job

Probably the number one approach to figuring out if you are ready to move ahead in your career is by asking yourself a basic question: Could you do your boss’s job?

If you want to get ahead and aren’t sure how to answer that question, ask your supervisor about taking on some of her or his daily duties. Mention that your objective is to get better at your job and try to avoid making it sound like you’re gunning for your boss’s job or you’re looking to leave the company.

If you do take on more duties, document them so you can show what you’ve been doing when it’s time to go for a promotion or move on to a bigger job.

You’re Very Effective in Your Current Position

One of the top signs someone is ready to move ahead is that person meeting or exceeding expectations in their work daily.

In addition to mastering your job, you should try to have your manager and others recognize your contributions. If you’re not on the radar screen those in charge, you run the risk of getting passed over for a promotion, despite being perfectly qualified for it.

You Often Go Above and Beyond

If you’re regularly saying “that’s not my job” to taking on extra work, you aren’t putting yourself in a position to get ahead in your career.

Those poised to advance tend to help others and take on ‘stretch’ assignments. Offering to help train new hires, assist your boss with their work and jump in on projects are all ways you can go above and beyond the call of duty.

Because advancing in your career means more responsibility, you should be able to show that you can do a lot more than just take care of your own duties.

You Understand the “Big Picture”

One of the best ways to be ready for a promotion is to have a broad view of how your department and your company operates. You should understand what’s adding value to the business and the larger corporate strategies. This calls for getting out of your department, talking to people and learning how your job is just one piece of the puzzle.

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