What to Look For In a Warehouse Associate

At first glance, the job of a warehouse worker can seem quite simple, and while the job doesn’t involve a lot of technical skills, there are several interpersonal soft skills shared by the most effective warehouse employees.

If you are currently looking for a warehouse worker, consider the following essential soft skills.

Technology Literacy

From the warehouse floor to upper management roles, companies generally expect warehouse personnel to have a fundamental knowledge of computer operating systems, and a working knowledge of popular programs like the Microsoft products Word and Excel.

A warehouse associate doesn’t need to be a computer guru to be capable of handling their duties effectively. However, they ought to be comfortable around computers and the standard technology in your warehouse. Most warehouse operations used to be almost entirely manual, but they have increasingly been modernized by technology like warehouse control system software, robotic picking systems, barcode scanners, and security systems.

Ability to Learn

We all know that technology is changing rapidly these days and a warehouse employee who cannot learn how to use new tools or new ways of doing things will find themselves slowly becoming useless.


The capacity to thrive in a team setting is crucial to individual success in a warehouse, as it will help a warehouse associate to achieve more with others in the department. The ideal warehouse applicant ought to be capable of talking about a personal track record of effectively collaborating with co-workers to accomplish major objectives.

Task Management

A strong capacity to organize and prioritize various job-related tasks is invaluable throughout a typical day for a warehouse associate. A major part of the job is handling numerous tasks that should be correctly done by a set time.

One situation where the ability to prioritize is extremely valuable is when a shipment must depart at a particular time with all orders intact. In this scenario, a warehouse associate may have to momentarily put whatever they are doing on hold and help to get the truck off on time.


Precision is a skill that helps a warehouse associate maintain a high level of quality and steer clear of mistakes that might cost a great deal to fix.

When someone in this position can maintain a high level of precision and work quickly, it makes for a very high level of productivity.


There are a few things a warehouse worker could do to make them seem unreliable. Because your operation needs employees who can be effective, an associate should not be spending too much time socializing, working in an unsafe manner or and making too many unnecessary mistakes.

It seems simple but coming into work on time each day, taking care of your job duties and picking up occasional extra work are all habits you should want in a warehouse employee.

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