4 Easy Ways to Find a New Job Fast

If you are in a situation where you need a new job fast, getting that job as quickly as possible can feel like an impossible task.

It isn’t, of course, and you simply need to take some smart steps in order to make it happen. Below are four simple things you can do to move on to your next job in relatively short order.

1) Send Targeted Applications to Many Job Openings

Normally, it’s a good idea to only have one or two active applications out there at any given time. But when times are desperate, it’s okay to send out more than that.

Because you want to avoid a ‘spray and pray” approach, sending out a lot of applications has to be a lot of work on your end. First, you should only apply to jobs opportunities that are a good fit. This can mean a lot of searching around to find opportunities for which you are best suited.

Second, you need to customize your resume and cover letter for each application. This means including some keywords and phrases pulled directly from the job descriptions.

Third, you need to keep a running list of all the applications you have out there and be ready to respond to a call out of the blue from a potential employer.

2) Work Your Network

When you’re desperate, you need to access the resources at your disposal and your network is one of your most valuable resources as a professional. Start by reaching out to contacts you have the strongest connections with, and slowly expand out to those you talk to infrequently. Even though you may be desperate for a new job, it’s usually not worth talking to people in your network you haven’t spoken to in years.

If you’re unemployed and don’t have to worry about keeping your search a secret from your employer, you can go ahead and post about your job search on social media.

3) Network Like There’s No Tomorrow

Many new jobs are found through a connection, and if talking to your existing network isn’t bearing any fruit, you need to expand your network. Attend both events for your industry and general networking events in your community. Because people attend these events with business in mind, go ahead and bring up your job search to everyone you meet.

4) Prepare to Impress

If you aren’t prepared to jump on an opportunity, you run the risk of letting a great job slip through your fingers. Appearances matter; so be sure you look like a competent trustworthy professional every time you leave the house. Also, prepare a compelling elevator pitch; a quick 45-second story about when you’ve come from in your career, what you’ve achieved and how you plan to take the next step.

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