Improve Your Productivity at Work by Avoiding These 6 Things

Everyone knows those people at work who always seem to have a ton of stuff to do, but always manage to get it all done. How do they do it?

Maintaining a high level of productivity isn’t rocket science. Research shows very productive people develop and maintain good habits. They know how to best use their time by steering clear of the productivity issues that cause others to feel distracted or overwhelmed. They keep their surroundings organized to cut down on confusion.

Consider the following list of good productivity habits that can make your workday a whole lot smoother.

1.      Procrastination

Many people associate procrastination with laziness, but the two are completely different. Procrastination involves consciously deciding to do something over something more important, putting off a decision.

There are numerous strategies to stop procrastinating. Break large projects into smaller pieces, create a checklist with these items and reward yourself for checking off each one. Use imposed or self-made deadlines to push yourself into working on something.

If you know you’ll need assistance or you’re not going to make a deadline, let someone know as soon as possible.

2.      Wastes of Time

Like money, time is a valuable resource. If you spend it foolishly, you’re not going to have it when you need it.

One of the biggest sources of time wasting is unnecessary meetings. Skip meetings where possible and get the “Cliffs Notes” from people who went.

3.      Digital Distractions

Interruptions crush the concentration you must have to remain productive on the job, and smartphones are the biggest source of interruptions. Emails, texts and push notifications can be tempting to check, but they are rarely critical.

Set your smartphone alerts for only emergency matters and have set times during the day when you get caught up.

4.      Perfection

In any project, there comes a point of diminishing returns on the amount of time being put in. Highly-productive people understand perfection is impossible and know when it’s time to call it quits on a project that is no longer providing value.

5.      Multitasking

At this point, is may be common knowledge, but it bears repeating: Multitasking is less productive than staying focused on one task at a time.

Take care of tasks in order of decreasing importance and offload lesser tasks that serve mostly as distractions.

6.      Disorganization

Is your inbox full of items you’ll “get to eventually”? When you don’t clear out clutter, you risk losing important stuff amidst all the junk. At the very least, you’ll have to sort through clutter when trying to find important documents.

Staying organized doesn’t require much time; just discipline.

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