Why You Should Always Keep Your Resume Up to Date

Keep Your Resume Current

If you have a full-time job you are happy with, you may not bother keeping your resume up to date. 

However, you should be regularly updating your resume, as well as your LinkedIn profile and any other online professional profiles, even if you’re happily employed. Updating your professional credentials doesn’t take a lot of time and can pay off. 

Below are a few solid reasons why you ought to keep your resume up to date. 

Preparation for Opportunities 

They say that “luck” is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. If an opportunity to impress a CEO or industry leader presents itself, the last thing you want is to have an outdated resume or LinkedIn profile. 

When you keep your resume and any other online professional profiles updated, you can send materials or refer people to them without a second thought. 

Ready for a Promotion 

Although you may love your present position and employer, you might be looking forward to a more senior role within your company. Sure, the people in your company have firsthand knowledge of your abilities, but having all of your qualifications laid out on paper can make you seem even more impressive. 

Ready for Unexpected Offers  

You may not be trying to find a new job, but that doesn’t mean employers aren’t looking for someone like you. Hiring personnel are always scouring the internet and social media for job candidates. If a dream employer or client stumbles across your resume, do you want it to be outdated? However, if they see a resume that has all your latest achievements and an updated list of skills, you just might end up getting an offer you can’t refuse.  

Even if someone comes calling with a less-than-impressive offer, feeling wanted is still a nice boost for your self-esteem! 

Ready for Unexpected Unemployment 

Regardless of how well you do your job, it is still possible to be a victim of downsizing or corporate restructuring. If that does occur, you will need to move fast. If your resume is current, you can bounce back quickly from, unexpected unemployment. 

NSC Helps Prepare You for the Next Step in Your Career! 

Whether you’re completely happy with your current career situation or looking to change it, NSC can help. Contact us today to find out how. 




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