Why It’s Time to Outsource Your Recruitment to a Staffing Agency

Outsource your hiring to staffing agencies

Hiring a new staff member is a timeintensive task, as it should be: Hiring decisions are essential to an organization’s success.  

Those involved in hiring decisions must have the skills and time to pick out the best candidate for each open position. If your hiring team doesn’t have the expertise and time to get it right, your company may want to outsource the bulk of its hiring process. Staffing agencies have the knowledge and resources to fill positions at your company rapidly and effectively. 

If you’re not sure outsourcing your recruitment is the right decision, below are a handful of reasons why doing so will benefit your organization. 

More Focus on Business 

Making time to hire new staff members can mean neglecting other business functions. For instance, a department manager may have to put important, time-sensitive decisions on hold in order to conduct an interview. When you outsource aspects of your hiring process, you let the talent agency screen candidates while your managers attend to core business activities. 

Better Quality of Hires 

Hiring managers often have a hard time locating and hiring top-quality applicants. If you have this issue, it isn’t always a reflection of your business or the position being offered. More likely, it is an indication you aren’t looking in the correct places. Recruiters have a deep knowledge of where candidates look for job opportunities, what attributes to find in a candidate and how to approach employed professionals about an open position. This knowledge makes them well qualified to accelerate your hiring and enhance the quality in the process. 

Lower Total Costs 

Although there are fees associated with outsourcing the hiring process, in-house hiring isn’t exactly free. From labor costs associated with holding interviews to the fees for posting jobs, the costs can add up quickly. A talent acquisition company rolls all these costs together, and savings can be realized in terms of fewer bad hires and higher productivity from would-be hiring managers. 

Ability to Meet Surging Demands 

Companies that are growing fast or experiencing a busy period may find it difficult to address the hiring needs they are dealing with, since they only have limited time and resources inhouse. Having the time, resources and experience, staffing agencies are much better positioned to deal with hiring for a lot of jobs in a short period of time. 

Lower Turnover 

An improperly run recruitment system resulting in poor hiring choices might be the reason for high turnover, which can have major financial consequences for a company. 

Staffing firms bring a wealth of knowledge and can identify methods that an in-house hiring process has overlooked. These companies are also well positioned to place individuals best-suited for both the company and the position, which increases the odds of them staying longer. 

Let NSC Minimize the Pain Points of Your Hiring Processes 

At NSC, we ease the hiring process for our clients so they can focus their energies on core revenue-generating activities. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your organization. 




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