5 Ways to Become the Best Manufacturing Candidate for the Job

Any responsible hiring process considers multiple candidates, and for job seekers, this means it’s essential to stand out above the competition.

Unfortunately, some applicants make bad errors that get them quickly eliminated from the process. Those applicants who avoid silly mistakes may make the first cut, but those who appear to offer the most value will get the most consideration. At some point, applicants that can truly elevate themselves end up being the top contenders.

The following tips can help you to rise to the top above the other candidates and give you the best chance of landing the job you want.

1) Highlight Your Accomplishments

Employers want more than just a skill set and experience from their top candidates. They want to understand how a skill has provided value to past, and/or current, employers.

On your resume, be sure to highlight all of your biggest accomplishments and any awards you may have received. Putting those achievements into hard numbers, like dollars saved or additional revenue generated, can really drive home your value as a potential employee.

2) Be Timely

You can’t be regarded as the best applicant if you’re not timely in your responses to a recruiter. Regardless of whether it’s the employer or a staffing company who contacts you, return their calls as quickly as you can. Time is valuable during the candidate selection process, so don’t squander it.

It’s probably most important to be punctual for appointments like phone and in-person interviews. Being punctual and responsive shows professionalism and reliability, intangible and extremely valuable traits.

3) Offer a Unique Perspective

You can truly stand out from other applicants if you can offer a unique perspective on your job or the industry in which you’d be working. If you would be coming from a different employer in the same industry, bring a ‘big picture’ perspective on the state of the industry, including challenges, opportunities, shifts in technology or emerging trends. Bring informed, yet non-controversial, insights on the industry and how that insight makes you a more attractive candidate.

4) Offer Unique Value

Having the right qualifications and showing some strong professionalism can lead to an interview. In the interview, you can elevate yourself by talking about one or two additional skills you have that complement your fundamental skills and can provide even more value to an employer. For instance, if you’re an expert at reading blueprints, but the position doesn’t call for that as an “essential skill”, you should find a way to bring it up in a way that will interest your interviewer.

5) Bring Joy and Passion

Hopefully, you have passion for your career, and you should let that passion shine through in all your interactions with a potential employer. The last thing you want is a hiring manager coming away from a phone call or interview wondering if you truly want the job.

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