When It’s Time to Hire More Temporary Employees

Effective workforce management is key to the success of any business. A company can run itself when it has the proper amount of people in the correct roles.

When a business is growing or going through a busy period, it increases the load on a workforce and the company should respond accordingly. If the growth of a business appears to be lasting, hiring full-time employees is usually the best course of action. But, if the company is in a volatile industry or it experiences busy seasonal periods followed by some lulls, hiring temporary employees can be a more effective solution. By hiring temporary employees, a company can increase performance with less of an investment than hiring full-time employees.

Consider the following signs that it’s time for your company to hire more temporary employees.

Overworked Workers

When employees work very hard, day after day, they tend to complain about it. Complaints about work are part of any normal workday, however, and it must be determined if complaints about too much work are warranted. Because overworked employees are more prone to injury, illness and falling productivity, looking at attendance numbers and productivity metrics can indicate if employees are being overworked.

The addition of temporary employees can help relieve the workload on permanent staff, and also support the overall workplace mood. When your staff members are compelled to take on more work and obligations, their mood can swiftly decrease. Offering your employees more help during busy periods helps ensure your permanent staff members stay focused and effective.

Missed Opportunities

If there is a chance for your organization to grow, but current staff members aren’t available to take on more commitments, temporary employees can help you to seize the opportunity. Bringing in temporary employees allows your existing staff to take on more duties or spend more time focusing on existing duties.

Make no mistake: Temporary employees are more than just warm bodies to support existing staff members. Recruiters and staffing companies can connect your company to skilled temporary workers with skills and knowledge that your current employees don’t possess. Furthermore, employees can be brought in on a temp-to-hire basis, meaning they can be hired on full-time if they prove themselves valuable to the organization.

Major Transition

Often driven by disruptive technology, companies are often going through major transitions and temporary employees can help to smooth over a period of disruption that comes with change. Temporary employees are a fantastic approach to reduce the discomfort of transition; they can accept the new obligations as primary staff members gets attuned to their new processes and responsibilities. Also, being capable of bringing in more employees or cut back the workforce in reaction to the ebbs and flows of transition is extremely useful.

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