Are You Neglecting Your Mirrors?

As a result of their width and length, large trucks have several blind spots that cannot be viewed from the cab. These blind spots are a safety risk for both drivers and those around them.

Safe truck driving habits include maintaining and using your truck’s mirrors effectively with the idea of getting rid of blind spots. Your mirrors offer valuable information you need about traffic and other road conditions, allowing you to stay safe while operating your vehicle.

Keep Mirrors Well-Maintained

As any truck driver knows, you can’t just turn your head to look back or sideways to check a blind spot if there’s an issue with one of your mirrors.

Make sure your mirrors are always clean, crack-free and freely adjustable. Keep your mirrors clear of dust and dirt that can reduce visibility. A basic wipe-down ought to do it in some instances, however, if they need a complete cleaning, spend some time to get it done right. On a cold winter morning, a can of defroster is often enough to clear your mirrors.

If you have a broken mirror and you are on the road, some of the bigger, better truck stops have truck mirrors in stock and a mechanic to help you install them. You may have to accept a style or color that you don’t like in a replacement mirror, but what is most important is getting one that is authorized for your truck, which is better than the attempting to drive without it.

Check Mirrors Regularly

The effective use of mirrors on your truck involves checking them on a regularly basis while driving. Generally speaking, you should check your mirrors every few seconds while driving on the interstate. Regular mirror checks help you steer clear of a collision with another vehicle or striking a pedestrian.

Have 360 Degrees in Mind

Your truck mirrors allow you to better visualize your surroundings from the cab. Your mirrors are fitted to compensate for blind spots, giving you a comprehensive sense of everything around the truck as you drive.

In addition to simply using your mirrors to check your blind spots, it is crucial to maintain a sense of everything occurring on the road around you. Be aware of any cars that appear to be driving fast or erratically. as well as vehicles getting close to your blind spots. By staying aware and vigilant, you will be capable of ensuring your trip goes easily and safely.

Use Mirrors While Turning

When taking sharp turns, your trailer can be drawn onto curbs or into objects and other vehicles. Using your mirrors to monitor the trailer during a sharp turn can help you ensure that you complete it safely.

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