Easy Ways to Relax Before You Walk into Your Job Interview

Regardless of whether it’s your first or your hundredth, an interview is one of the most stressful situations in life.

The apprehension around a job interview is understandable, and it’s normal for a looming interview to generate a cycle of anxiety and self-doubt. While this may be typical, it’s in no way inescapable. Consider the following tips for ways to relax before you walk into your job interview.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Fear of the unknown is among the greatest causes of stress, making thorough preparation one of the important thing things an applicant can do to overcome interview stress.

Preparing and practicing for the interview in advance goes a considerable way towards easing nervous feelings. Try writing out set of prospective questions about your skills, achievements, setbacks and experience. Go over your resume for any areas that are likely to spark questions from your interviewer. Then, develop solid answers to the question you think you’ll be asked. Finally, it’s important to rehearse your answers to the point that you can give them without referring to your notes and even be able to change your answers a bit based on how the interview is going.

In addition to preparing for any and all possible questions, it’s also important to research the company. Invest some time in going over the official company website to look at the mission statement, company values, recent press releases and other information. Then read up on industry trends to get a sense of the ecosystem in which the company operates. Knowledge is power and being thoroughly informed regarding the company and the interview itself will help make you calm and collected on the day.

Have a Healthy Routine

It should go without saying that heavy drinking, poor sleep habits, a steady diet of fast food and a lack of exercise aren’t going to help you overcome stress. If possible, work out on the morning of the interview. Stress generates a fight-or-flight response and a good way to burn off that adrenaline is to get in a solid workout. Just be sure you leave enough time to shower and get put together.

Set the Stage for Success

You can ease a lot of interview-related stress by simply being prepared for the day of the interview. Have cleaned and pressed interview clothes laid out the night before. Assemble all your interview items – such as copies of your resume, a pad of paper and pens – and put them in a portfolio or professional-looking carrying case.

Part of being prepared for the day-of is knowing your route to the interview location and any factors that might delay your on-time arrival. If possible, do a dry run before the day of the interview.

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