It’s Time to Learn from Baby Boomers Before They Retire

Considering our modern romance with the latest, the innovative and the hip, it’s easy to forget the value of experience.

For instance, learning the value of a tried-and-true piece of equipment functions may take a few hours of training or a semester-long class, but knowing when that same piece of equipment is starting to fail can require years of experience.

Experience of Baby Boomers

Most companies recruit new talent in the thought that youth provides an advantage over older competition. However, smart businesses also hold on to and even recruit ‘more mature’ professionals due to their invaluable knowledge and experience.

The best businesses today will thoughtfully consider the value of all their staff members, regardless of age. Each team member brings a different set of knowledge and each generation brings a unique point-of-view to a company’s operations.

With Baby Boomers passing into retirement, it’s important to realize the value of this generation of professionals, and one of the best ways to do that is through a mentoring program.

Mentoring Younger Professionals

Mentoring offers a great chance for Baby Boomers to contribute in new ways, but only when businesses identify that mentoring is a noteworthy approach to support hiring, retaining and expanding the abilities of talented young professionals.

Up against aggravation and a fear of failure, some younger employees could wind up trying to find a more supportive company. Baby Boomers, due to their wisdom, strong networks built over many years and overall business know-how, can act as a buffer for younger staff members against on-the-job aggravation and career confusion.

A good approach is to set up one-on-one or small group training times with older and younger employees for shadowing and questions. Allow younger workers to shadow Baby Boomers on different machines and processes, possibly even recording the trainings to use in the future. Get these groups lunch together so they can learn more about each other than work-related subjects.

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